Affiliate Marketing Books [8 Sources for Affiliate Marketers in 2019]

affiliate marketing books

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective methods of generating passive income in the world today. 

What is unique about this work is that there are so many different approaches that you can use to create a path toward success.

It is an industry that is always evolving.

That means your approach as an affiliate marketer must keep adapting, so exploring different ideas and learning from different perspectives can increase your chances of success.

One of the fastest ways to embrace the ongoing learning opportunities that successful affiliate marketers need is by reading informative, instructional books on the subject.

List of Some of the Best Affiliate Marketing Books in 2019

Although some affiliate marketers might say that they don’t have time to read a book, some of the most successful people in the world today read at least one per week.

The information provided by the authors in the following list could help you to find the next creative way to make some extra money.

1. Affiliate Marketing Secrets by Chandler Wright

This affiliate marketing book will take you through the basics of this work, providing you with an implementable guide that can help anyone complete their first website.

You’ll gain access to several proven scaling methods that can boost your income, establish your presence, and the strategies that you can use to begin generating revenues.

You will even receive an overview of the best channels from which to choose if you want to become an affiliate marketer.

There are program ideas for you to consider so that you can join an effective program.

The author also provides an overview of the mistakes to avoid during your first days.

Click on the book cover to learn more.

2. From Nothing by Ian Pribyl

If you’re tired of the endless blog posts that promise methods of making money online for free, then this is the affiliate marketing book for you.

The author will take you through every step you?ll need to follow so that you can start an online business today for less than $100.

Beginners and experts will benefit from the wisdom shared here, with a touch of humor added along the way, to help you find the success that you want.

You don’t need to pay more to begin practicing the skills you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

What you must have are relevant facts that work with the modern approach to this income-generating opportunity.

If you’re ready to start learning a new way to work with programs and potential customers, then this is the book for you.

Click on the book  cover to learn more.

3. Affiliate Marketing 2019 by Steven Sparrow


If you want to earn money in your free time, then this affiliate marketing book will teach you how to create a lucrative side hustle.

You can also make a passive income using social media platforms just as quickly as you can with domains and websites.

If you can get through the numerous buzzwords used by the author, then the information presented in this work is invaluable.

The author shows you how to find the ideal products to start selling.

You’ll see how you can pick profitable niches, where useful marketing links should be placed, and email strategies that can help you unlock the full potential of your work.

This guide isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

If you put in the work and have realistic expectations, then you can start to produce results.

Click on the book cover to learn more.

4. Affiliate Marketing by Daren H. Russell


As with most affiliate marketing books, you’ll find a core set of information supplied by the author with “bonuses” that can help you begin to scale your business upward.

There are several strategies included in the text to help get you started, including 11 ways to help you effectively choose the correct industry and niche with which to work.The author will also describe his three preferred affiliate programs, and then show you how to choose the best one for your needs.

You’ll also get advice on how to set up a blog, a website, and your affiliate links to ensure customers click and make you some money.

Click on the book cover to learn more.

5. Affiliate Marketing by Dan Moore

This affiliate marketing book might help those who are thinking about getting into this business, but the information is more for those who are already familiar with the work or are running their own business already.

The author takes you through the process of how to draw organic traffic to your sites, promote links to generate attention, and how to create loyalty in your audience.

The most instructional chapter of this book takes you through the structure of your business.

It examines the advantages and disadvantages of using high-ticket and low-ticket strategies and then provides an overview of the best tools that you need to create the results you want.

There is also relevant advice on how to maintain your income levels once you achieve them.

Click on the book cover to learn more.

6. Money Blog by Nathaniell Brenes

If you are trying to start an affiliate marketing business on a tight budget, then this book offers some relevant advice that you can implement immediately.

It focuses on the use of WordPress, showing you how to pick topics, build websites, and rank your pages so that traffic comes your way.

Then that passive income starts arriving because you are promoting the products or services of others.

If you gave affiliate marketing a try in the past and felt confused or overwhelmed, then the meaningful advice and practical strategies found in this book can take the fear away.

It is a refreshing commentary that looks more at the administrative functions of this work instead of the empty promises of a complex strategy.

Click on the book cover to learn more.

7. Blogging for Profits in 2019 by Ronald Roberts

This affiliate marketing book is another guide to consider using that follows the standard strategies for building, scaling, and profiting from your content creation skills.

It focuses more on blogging and social media than some of the other options on this list, with a particular emphasis on lead magnets. It is content that is worth reviewing.

You will find relevant guides available to setting up a WordPress blog and using YouTube as a resource that may also be valuable.

The author also reviews how to implement advertising on your blog so that you can generate multiple revenue streams.

You?ll find that when you put in the time and use some of these strategies, your sites can rise to the top instead of being buried in the search rankings.

Click on the book cover to learn more.

8. The Ultimate Passive Income Guide by Michael Carter

When you start to look at the various affiliate marketing strategies published today, then you’ll quickly discover that everyone has a system that they think is the best path toward success.

Some authors have even used their unique strategies to carve out a meaningful income which, strangely enough, seems to be $10,000 per month for everyone.

This book takes a different approach.

You’ll still find the typical guides and suggestions in this affiliate marketing book as in most others, but there are also options like online courses and drop-shipping included so that you can expand your horizons.

The author explores a series of reliable online business ideas that can help you to become an entrepreneur more than a marketer too.

If you’ve tried affiliate work in the past without success, then you might want to give this guide a try.

Click on the book cover to learn more.

Benefits of Reading Affiliate Marketing Books

Although there is plenty of information for you to absorb when you start reading affiliate marketing books, some of the benefits involve the actions you take instead of the knowledge you gain from the content you consume.

Reading has a profound impact on the mind. It is so powerful that this activity can slow the progress of dementia.

When you exercise those brain cells to keep them healthy, then you can apply the knowledge with greater effectiveness.

Taking some time to read affiliate marketing books each day can reduce your stress levels as well.

Engaging with authoritative content can keep you in the present moment instead of worrying about what the future might hold.

Reading can improve your memory too. Every new pathway you create will strengthen all of the other existing ones.

That means your mood can find stability, and your recall ability can improve over time.

You might also experience an improvement in your concentration and focus, see more strength in your analytical thinking, and reduce your boredom.

All of these benefits are possible when you pick up a book to read or download an ebook to enjoy.

If you want to improve your affiliate marketing approach, then another option might be necessary.

Reading a book can increase your knowledge, but practice will improve specific skills.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is a Better Choice

learn affiliate marketing with wealthy affiliate

There are a lot of books that can tell you what to do if you want to become an affiliate marketer.

Most authors will provide a step-by-step guide that you can implement at home to start creating results.

Some people can benefit from this information.

Each author has outstanding reviews that talk about how the ideas contained in each book helped someone to unlock their full potential.

The problem is this: unless you already have an idea of what to do, the information that these authors provide can make it feel like you’re reading a foreign language.

If you don’t know what WordPress is, much less have an understanding of what it can do, then how can an affiliate marketing guide be helpful?

That is why Wealthy Affiliate is a better choice, especially if you are just getting started on your affiliate marketing journey.

You can receive access to meaningful training opportunities that show you instead of telling you what it takes to find success.

It is a community of people who come together through live chats, private messaging, blog posts, and question-and-answer conversations where you can develop the skills needed to be successful as an affiliate marketer. There are also strict restrictions on spam, so it doesn’t feel like you’re always being pitched to purchase another book or try a different service to get the results that you want.

If you want to learn what it takes to make money as an affiliate marketer, then you need to learn from the people who are already successful at this venture.

Buying a course is more effective for a majority of people compared to purchasing a book with potentially questionable content.


Are You Ready to Get to Work?

There are no get-rich-quick schemes in affiliate marketing.

It is not unusual for someone to need 6-12 months before they can even earn their first $100.

You need to be organized, have something of value to offer to your visitors, and a little bit of luck.

The best affiliate marketers can begin to make their own good luck by knowing what products to offer, niche opportunities to represent, and marketing strategies to use so that their presence can be a top search result.

Books are a useful way to have resources available for those moments when you need a refresher.

Wealthy Affiliate provides hands-on solutions that are perfect for those who are new to this work.

You’ll receive access to market research tools, website hosting, and training videos from a centralized platform so that you can eventually earn the results you want.

If you want to start building more potential for a long-term business opportunity with passive income, then it is time to get to work with Wealthy Affiliate.

When your priority is to start making money fast through short-term strategies, then choose one of the best affiliate marketing books that are available right now.

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