Best List Building Tools That Will Help You Get More Email Subscribers

best list building tools

It is said very often by many internet marketers that if you want to make money online quickly then you need to have an email list.

Email marketing is not a push-button method of earning money online, but many would say that it’s very close to it.

When should you start collecting email addresses?

If you know how to generate traffic to your blog or website, you can start building your list of subscribers.

How to do it?

There are at least 11 ways to grow your list of subscribers. The more methods of building a list you will implement the better results you should achieve.

There are different list building tools thanks to which you can get more email subscribers and in this blog post I’m going to focus only on one of them which I find to be the best list building tool of all.

This tool is a WordPress plugin, so it goes without saying that if you want to take advantage of it you need to have a self-hosted blog on WordPress.

If you don’t have it yet and want to learn how to build one quickly, then read Where can I start a blog [and learn to make money blogging]?

Today you can build a blog in literally 2-3 minutes. And you don’t need to be “technical” in order to do it.

Thrive Leads – Best Email List Building Software For Every Blogger

Thrive Leads is a plugin created by Thrive Themes.

There are similar plugins out there on the market thanks to which you can create different opt-in forms, however they are either more expensive or don’t have as many cool features as this one.

thrive leads

With Thrive Leads you can build several different opt-in forms.


best thrive themes plugins

This is one of my favorite opt-in forms.

It can be activated by clicking a link in your blog post, by clicking a button or an image.

free list building tools

Once you click on the link, button or image you will see a pop-up.

email list building tools

Of course you can also decide whether you want it to pop up on page load, after certain period of time, when user reaches the bottom of the page etc.

list building secrets


email marketing list building

I like this opt-in form very much because it’s not intrusive.

It’s just hanging at the top of the website, it doesn’t take much space and it’s visible all the time as you scroll down the page.

It’s definitely one of the most effective opt-in forms just because it stays in sight even after scrolling.

Sometimes you don’t want to leave your email address once you see a pop-up on page load, you just close it and start reading the article.

However when the opt-in form is visible all the time, just like in the case of a ribbon type form, then there’s a higher chance that you will subscribe to the newsletter or leave your email just to download an ebook for example – and you can do it once you finish reading the article or before you decide to exit the page.

If you want to see this opt-in form in action, just have a look at the top of this page!


list building expert

Thanks to the in-content opt-in form you can place your opt-in form anywhere in your content.

You can put it at the beginning of the article, in the middle of it or at the very bottom.

Personally I would use it somewhere in the middle of the blog post. This could be the perfect time to grab the contact details of your visitor.

In each of the articles on your blog you can place a different in-content opt-in form that is relevant to the surrounding content.

list building tools free

Just pick any form you like from the ones that are available (or create your own from scratch) and edit it as you wish.

automated list building tools


how to build a list of subscribers

2-step opt-in forms have become very popular lately.

Do you remember how many times have you clicked on an image or a button saying “if you want to learn more then click here” and once you’ve clicked on it an opt-in form popped up?

It’s a 2-step opt-in form.

Instead of displaying your opt-in form directly in your blog post begging for an email, you first ask your visitors if they want to learn more, or see more or if they want to download your ebook (but the opt-in form remains hidden).

If they decide that they want it, they click on a button, a link or an image, then it activates the ThriveBox opt-in form without sending them to another page. Example below.

Step 1.

how to build a list of eager subscribers

Step 2.

10 tips build your list online


build your list fast

Another opt-in form offered by Thrive Leads is called slide-in.

If you visit different blogs and websites you must have seen this opt-in form on at least one of them.

It’s not annoying because it doesn’t cover the whole screen like a ThriveBox pop-up.

However it can be equally effective.

You just need to decide when you want the form to slide into view.

It can be activated when someone clicks on a link in your blog post, when a visitor to your blog scrolls down to a certain part of the page or after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

You can create your own slide-in form or use the existing ones and edit them.

more tips building your list


build a list of email subscribers

It’s one of the most often used opt-in forms on any blog or website.

You can add it to any widget area on your blog. Of course the most popular place for this opt-in form is a sidebar widget.

You can choose whether you want this form to appear on page load or when user reaches the bottom of the page.

how to build a list of 1000 subscribers

Opt-in widget example.

create content build your list


how can i build a list of subscribers

This is the type of pop-up that attracts attention and it’s not possible to ignore it.

You can use it on the homepage or any other page that attracts a lot of visitors.

This full screen call to ac