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how to earn cash from home

Part 1: Letting Your Passion Drive Your Income

Are you wondering how to earn from home?

Many people are looking to supplement their income in some way today. The recession of 2008 is long behind us all, but for many families their income has remained static or even declined since the bottom fell out of the global market.

Making money from home can supplement income coming in from a full time job, but how can you make that happen?

It starts when you can let your passion drive the income you earn. The chances are good that you’ve got a hobby or two that could begin helping you earn extra cash online as soon as today!


Even In Down Times, Companies Need Creative People

Every hobby requires some form of creativity. For writers, painters, photographers, musicians, and other artists, the level of creativity is rather apparent.

This creativity is in demand today all over because marketing materials that companies use are very visual in nature.

Let’s look at these specific creative hobbies that can help you earn some cash in a little more detail:

  • For writers, content marketing is at its all time high. Every major company on this planet needs a good writer in every major language, but especially English, to market their products to their potential customers. Believe it or not, good writers are difficult to find. Most freelance writers, working to market products for companies, can easily clear upwards of $20/hr at home on their own time.
  • For painters, social media marketing is an incredible opportunity that is seeing explosive growth. Companies utilize original artwork, fused with slogans, catchphrases, and other content that writers provide them to market specific goods to potential customers.
  • For photographers, stock photography is in high demand because websites that post content get double the exposure when they include at least one graphic with the content. For posts that have 5 or more stunning images, traffic increases even more. Stunning, incredible images that are filled with intense color will always drive traffic. Always! But they must be new to gather organic traffic and that’s why there will always be a demand for work.
  • For musicians, original background music for advertisements, YouTube videos, and other marketing work is much cheaper to make because there are no associated commercial rights that must be paid every time the material is seen. That’s why freelance musicians can always find work composing numbers for companies!

Are you someone with one of these creative hobbies?

If so, then you know how to earn money from home right now with your creative skills!

Do you have different hobbies? Don’t worry… you’ve got an opportunity to earn cash too!


Other Hobbies Demonstrate Skills Companies Need

Although a hobby like coin collecting might seem like something that companies would just ignore, the opposite is actually true.

Any hobby that involves collecting also involves three essential skills that companies need from freelance workers that can help you earn some cash online right now:

  • negotiation,
  • research, and
  • networking skills.

You see, collectors don’t just go out and purchase the first item that they see. Ok ? maybe if it’s a Spiderman #1 or something, that’s the exception to the rule.

For the most part, however, collectors research dealers and providers to determine if their reputation is worth taking a calculated risk.

Collector’s make research the product itself that they’re looking to purchase to make sure that it is authentic. They’ll negotiate with the owner of that item to get the best price possible.

And how do they find out where these products are located to get a chance to purchase them? By networking with other like-minded collectors and dealers who enjoy the same hobby.

These are the critical leadership skills that today’s college graduates just don’t have yet. Those young graduates might have book smarts, but you ? you’ve got experience smarts and that wins every single time.

Companies settle for potential outcomes instead of guaranteed outcomes because they don’t know that your skills exist.

It’s not just collecting, however, that translates into different skills. Every hobby has unique skills that accompany it.

So how does this translate into knowing how to earn cash at your fireside?

Through specific freelance work where your skills that you’ve perfected through your hobby can shine. Think about what you do well with your hobby, translate that into a business application, and you’ve got the keys to financial success at home already in your pocket!


Let Your Full Time Job Be Your Home-Based Job

When all else fails, you can bring the office home with you into a side business.

Of course you’re not going to be able to compete with your employer in the same field of business [you do want to keep your job, right?], but you can branch out with what you already do best at work in other ways. For example:

  • A general contractor could provide an emergency handyman phone consultation service.
  • A landscaper could work online to promote a landscaping supply store.
  • A counselor could provide a chat service to help people with questions they may have.

The goal is to find a specific niche in your community, whether that community is your local town or the archive that is the global internet, and then simply be the best provider of that service in your niche.

If you’re a writer, be the best writer in a specific field. If your a photographer, be the best stock black and white photographer there is. If you’re a crazy good landscaper, then provide tips to encourage sales at a retail level on a consultation basis.

The point is that when you’re better than everyone else in a specific niche, people will seek you out when they need what you can provide.

They’ll pay top dollar to get what you can provide because they know that what you’ve got has tremendous value.

That’s ultimately how to earn money at home ? by being an expert at something that you have a passion for doing every day.


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