What Is the Open Education Project?

what is the open education project

The chance to earn a good education should be open to everyone.

Education is what opens up opportunities in every field of business.

Education opportunities like the Open Education Project work to enhance natural talents because it will increase the overall skill level of those who undergo the learning process.

Education is the cornerstone of a foundation of a successful life.

Unfortunately not everyone is able to access the quality education they may need to truly reach their maximum potential.

Money is often what holds people back from what they were meant to be simply because there isn’t enough of it to go around.

When the decision is to go to school or put food on the table, basic survival will always take a precedence over taking the time to enhance knowledge.

What if there was an affordable way to get the education you need in order to reach your maximum potential?

What if one decision made right now could change your life and help you accomplish those dreams that have been slowly stewing on the back burner of your mental stove?

Would you have the courage to take a step forward on a new journey of success?


Why Consider the Open Education Project?

One of aspects of the learning process that goes overlooked today is the type of training that people receive.

The amount of information that any student is able to retain is dependent upon the type of learning environment that is offered.

Here are some research statistics from Cornell University to help back that thought up!

  • In a typical lecture format, the average person only retains about 5% of the information that is passed onto them.
  • In a small group environment where discussions take place, the amount of information that is retained by a student can exceed 80%.
  • If practicing a new skill is incorporated into the learning environment, then the amount of information can exceed 90%.

Here is where it really gets exciting!

When students are able to practice a new skill in a safe learning environment and then be able to use that new skill within the next 7 days in a meaningful way, nearly all of the information that is received in a learning environment can be retained.

That’s what the Open Education Project provides for you.

It is the epitome of timely training.

In the world of internet marketing, the landscape is constantly shifting.

A decade ago, I wrote about the magic of targeting specific keywords and plugging them into your content in a meaningful way.

About 5 years ago, I talked to people about the importance of networking online relationships to get good backlinks.

Today, however, we’re talking about the full package.

You need content.

You need natural relationships, not paid services, to promote yourself or another business.

Keywords are still important, but in the form of what is called ?long tail SEO? where a four or five word phrase is targeted.

These are the types of skills that you’ll develop with the Open Education Project!

It is also just barely scratching the surface of how this learning program can really help you be able to run a home-based internet marketing business effectively.

The project is not only the largest and most current look at modern marketing techniques for the internet, but it is the most consistent and comprehensive training system that you will find online.


Click Here and Join the Open Education Project For Free


It’s More Than Just a Place to Learn

The most exciting reason to join the Open Education Project by Wealthy Affiliate is that it gives you a powerful tool to network with others.

Imagine having a social media outlet where all you did was connect with people who are all within your same field, exploring their expertise within different niches in the local community.

That’s what this learning opportunity is all about!

You can network any time of day and work together to achieve mutual goals and dreams.

It’s a support system that is really unique in today’s world.

open education project There are live chat options available where questions can be asked or answered immediately.

No question goes unanswered because every question is a learning opportunity.

Because there is so much engagement, you can easily retain the information you pick-up through the online courses, such as the Affiliate Bootcamp, because you’re applying them every single day.

You get the chance to make more money every single day.


The Open Education Project Is Your Business Base of Operations

Are you tired of reading dozens of ebooks or going through advertising and marketing textbooks to get a competitive edge?

There’s no way to get a competitive edge if you’re applying internet marketing principles the same way others are because they’ve used the same resources.

Instead of being individuals, what are produced are a bunch of marketing clones that combat for the same small block of space.

The Open Education Project is a different resource because there is a dual focus instead of a singular one.

Your personal experiences are incorporated into the learning process so your approach can be unique, genuine, and authentic.

You won’t be trying to do what some ebook or textbook author is telling you that you should do.

You’re instead using your experiences to implement the knowledge that you’ve received so that you can network with each lead or each customer on a virtual face-to-face basis.

If you’re looking to find a higher level of consistent success, whether you already have an internet marketing business or you have some other services or goods to sell, then this is the opportunity that could help you break through that glass ceiling!

You really don’t need to have anything else on-hand to help you succeed.


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