Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions [internet marketing niche]

affiliate programs with recurring commissions

Affiliate marketing has become very popular among the people interested in making money online.

The reason for this popularity is simple: it allows you to start making money even if you don?t have your own product for sale and you don?t have to worry about such things as shipping, packaging and customer support.

Affiliate marketers are both newbies and those who have been making money online for many years.

It?s an option available for anyone doesn?t matter the experience, however those with experience have an edge over the ones who don?t have it.

But don?t worry your lack of experience doesn?t disqualify you.

If you?re willing to learn and you?re patient you will achieve success in this field.

However not all affiliate programs are created equal. It?s always better to join the ones that offer recurring commissions.

It doesn?t require any explanation that it?s better to make $100 multiple times from a single sale then make this amount only once.

All you have to do is find an affiliate program that will let you earn commissions many times from a single buyer.

You will find such programs in different niches.

You don?t have to be in the make money online niche or the internet marketing niche in order to earn recurring commissions.

You can choose a health niche, a hobby niche, a personal development niche etc. and find affiliate programs with recurring commissions in each of them.

One of the most popular sites where you can find recurring affiliate programs is Clickbank.

But don?t limit yourself to Clickbank only.

If you know what you want to promote then just look for a vendor/company that has created an affiliate program offering its affiliate partners recurring commissions.

There are plenty of them.

Recurring commissions in the internet marketing niche

This is one of the most lucrative niches in which people spend a lot of money.

Why? Because who doesn?t want to make more money? Everyone wants it.

You can promote your products to a huge audience.

What can you sell in the internet marketing niche?

Anything that can help people make more money.

Here are a few suggestions.

Think about it, what do newbies need in order to become successful affiliate marketers?

They need knowledge! This is the most important factor that contributes to your success as an affiliate marketer.

You need to learn first what you should do and how to do it in order to start making money online.

One such a place where you can learn about making money as an affiliate marketer is Wealthy Affiliate.

It?s a great place for all those who are just starting out online and need to learn everything from scratch.

Need to learn how to quickly build a blog, how to find a niche, how to create blog posts, how look for keywords and a lot more.

Gaining knowledge is the first and most important step on everyone?s journey towards success online. All newbies need it.

That is why one of the best things you can promote in the internet marketing niche is an educational platform where people can learn how to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate has a recurring affiliate program that lets you earn commissions either on a monthly basis or once a year.

If you want to learn more about WA affiliate program, then just click on this link.

Is it difficult to find 1-2 people a month interested in making money with their blogs?

Sometimes it may not be easy because most people are dreamers not doers, and even if they want something they?re not ready to work hard for it. Nevertheless it?s still very possible.

You can make recurring commissions promoting something that gives people a huge value, something that teaches them how to make more money.

Your earning potential in this case is really big because the audience you?re targeting with this offer is big as well.

Everybody wants to learn how to make more money although not everyone is ready to take action.


Another thing you can promote in this niche is an autoresponder.

In simple terms it?s a tool that enables you to collect email addresses and send out messages to your subscribers.

There are many different autoresponders on the market and probably by promoting any of them you can earn recurring commissions.

Personally I would recommend GetResponse because I used it myself, however another popular option is Aweber.

Why should you promote autoresponders?

Because first of all you will be earning recurring commissions for promoting these tools.

And almost everyone who wants to make money online knows that they should build a list of subscribers.

Money is in the list ? these words are repeated like a mantra among internet marketers.

If someone?s thinking of making money on the Internet with a blog then they will also need an autoresponder sooner or later.

Thousands of people each month are wondering which autoresponder they should choose for their business. Help them make a decision!

And the best thing is that when someone decides to pay for an autoresponder they will usually do it for years and not just a few months which means that you will be earning commissions for a long time from a single sale!

How much can you make promoting an autoresponder?

GetResponse offers 33% recurring commissions. It means that when someone you refer to GetResponse buys an account you receive 33% of this payment and you keep receiving the commissions for this sale until that customer decides to close down the account.

Aweber on the other hand offers 30% recurring commissions, so you will make 30% on the initial sale and on all the recurring payments the people you referred to Aweber make.

Keyword research tool such as Jaaxy

If someone wants to make money online they need to find out what is selling, what people are looking for, what is profitable and then they can decide what makes sense to sell to people to receive a good return on investment.

In order to find this information you can use a keyword research tool that will roughly show you how many people each month type in Google, eg. where can I buy x shoes?, what is the cheapest laptop?, best ways to fall asleep faster and so on and so forth.

Keyword research tool is one of the most indispensable tools that everyone thinking about making money online should have in their arsenal.

There are many different keyword research tools on the market, but I found out that not all of them have an affiliate program.

And even if they have one it?s not always easy for everyone to join it. Certain conditions must be met sometimes.

Personally I liked Jaaxy.

It?s cheap, fast and reliable. And it?s getting better and better over time.

How much can you make by promoting Jaaxy?

You can earn $8 a month recurring affiliate commissions.

But remember it is just for a single sale and if you apply yourself to promoting this tool you can earn a lot more.

On average each customer pays for Jaaxy for around 12 months, this means that if you find just one customer you can get paid for his/her purchase for the next twelve months.

As a free member of Jaaxy, you can either get unlimited credits within the system by signing-up as a member ($19/mth), or you can earn more credits by letting other people know about the free access to Jaaxy. It really is an easy sell, because well, you are not selling anything. You are giving away free access to the top keyword, market,and niche research tool online!

Do you think it?s difficult to sell something that people get a free access to?

Learn more about Jaaxy here.

Become a Thrive Themes member today!

Making money online is not only about gaining crucial knowledge and learning new things - although it?s very important, but also about using the right tools that will make it easier for you to make a living on the Internet.

Thrive Themes provides such tools in the form of plugins for a WordPress blog that will take everyone?s blogging experience to the next level.

Thrives Themes? tools can be useful especially for bloggers so this is the group of people you should target.

How big commissions can you make thanks to Thrive Themes?

thrive themes affiliate program
recurring commissions thrive themes

This is definitely one of the best recurring affiliate programs in the internet marketing niche!

If you want to learn more about Thrive Themes, click here.

Affiliate program without a recurring commission, but it's still worth the effort!

There is one more thing that is worth promoting although it doesn?t offer recurring commissions.

Most people, I would say at least 90% of them, who want to earn money online need a website.

And if you need a website you also need a hosting provider.

This a great opportunity for affiliate marketers like you to make money.

If 90% of people need a website to run their online business just imagine how big your earning potential is.

Of course there are many different hosting companies and each of them has an affiliate program.

However not all hosting companies are reliable and worth promoting.

Personally I would either recommend a Wealthy Affiliate hosting or a SiteGround hosting.

In the case of Wealthy Affiliate one doesn?t pay separately for hosting but for a Premium account (hosting is included).

As far as SiteGround is concerned it?s a very good hosting at a reasonable price.

One really doesn?t need a better hosting than that offered by Wealthy Affiliate or Siteground.

How much can you make by promoting either the Wealthy Affiliate hosting or the Siteground hosting?

As a free Wealthy Affiliate member you earn half the commissions, i.e. you earn $11.25 recurring for someone who goes Premium and pays a monthly fee or $87.50 once a year for someone who pays a yearly fee.

If you are a Premium member yourself then you get 100% higher commissions as an affiliate.

So you make $22.50 for a referral who pays a monthly fee or $175 for a referral that pays for his/her Wealthy Affiliate account once a year.

Of course it?s clear that the more people you refer to Wealthy Affiliate the more recurring commissions you will make.

SiteGround on the other hand is a hosting company and not an educational platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

How much can you make by promoting this great hosting company?

siteground affiliate program

Like I already noted above, although you won?t be making recurring commissions by promoting a hosting company such as SiteGround it?s still worth it because your target market is huge ? almost everybody who wants to create an online business needs a website and hosting.

Once again, here are the products and programs that you can promote and earn recurring commissions:

Wealthy Affiliate ? online educational platform

And a hosting company such as SiteGround. In this case you?ll be earning one time commissions for each sale.

A few more words about niches

Doesn?t matter if you?re a newbie or not you should go after big niches rather than the small ones.

It?s easier to make good money in big niches than in small niches.

In the case of big niches you don?t have to worry abut saturation, you?re fishing in a big pond so there?s enough fish for everyone.

You can scale up to unlimited amount.

Remember also to promote offers that convert, sell what is already selling, don?t try to reinvent the wheel.

Which niches are considered to be the ?big niches?: health (weight loss products), wealth (make money) and relationships (dating).

Choose products from these niches, look for recurring affiliate programs and promote your affiliate link wherever you can.

Don?t get discouraged when it?s not working for you from the start ? it takes time, practice and dedication to begin earning affiliate commissions.

However if you?ve ever dreamed of building a passive income online then definitely this is something you should focus on.

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