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Remember: You can build wealth at any age.

Think and Become Rich" is a self-help book by John Assaraf that teaches wealth-building strategies. It combines mindset techniques like visualization with practical actions to achieve financial success. The book emphasizes developing a millionaire mentality, creating unique value, and leveraging expert guidance to accelerate wealth accumulation.

Building wealth in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s requires a strategic combination of the right mindset, skills, and action plan.

It all starts with your inner self-belief and perception of what you deserve. You have to genuinely value yourself as someone capable of great wealth, not just dream about it.

This means identifying and dismantling any limiting beliefs that wealth is out of reach or that you don’t deserve an abundant life.

Once you rebuild your self-worth, you can start programming your mindset for success. Visualize yourself already living as a millionaire – how you think, talk, spend time and make decisions.

Internalize this wealthy persona through daily reinforcement until it becomes ingrained as your new normal. From there, assess what unique skills, knowledge and strategies you need to provide exceptional value in the marketplace.

This could involve specializing your expertise, creative entrepreneurship, or investment savvy.

The path is then continuously taking strategic action aligned with your new mindset and goals. This blueprint can be difficult to implement entirely on your own through self-study.

That’s where the ebook “Think and Become Rich” by John Assaraf can provide guidance for people like you.

The author, John Assaraf, identified 3 key “secrets” to achieving any goal faster and with less stress after working with over 100,000 entrepreneurs.

These secrets are revealed in his book, Think and Become Rich, which you can download for free.

The book will show you how to turn challenges, failures, and limiting beliefs into your greatest assets. In the pdf you’ll discover:

  • A powerful 3-step formula for achieving your financial goals faster and easier…
  • What you must do first (if you want to really supercharge your results)…
  • How to retrain the brain for a limitless life…
  • Simple techniques to make the Law of Attraction work for you and instantly experience feelings of confidence and peace of mind …
  • Inspiring story of the $100M check John wrote HIMSELF (and how it led to his most powerful breakthroughs)…
  • The biggest lies you’ve been told about money… And much more.

If you’re ready to make more money (with less work and less stress) using proven brain science and the Law of Attraction… then this book is for you.

Here’s a Quick Summary of the ebook:

The author of Think & Become Rich claims that to become a millionaire, you need to follow certain steps in the correct order and timing. Working hard alone is not enough, as many hardworking people are not millionaires. You need to work smart as well as hard.

To earn millions, you must be committed, not just interested. A committed person will do whatever it takes to achieve their financial goals, unlike someone merely interested.

While the author believes in the Law of Attraction and resonance, he asserts you cannot attract money just by thinking about it. Practices like meditation and visualization are worthwhile but must be combined with real-world action.

Beyond mindset, the right skills and determination to fight for your dreams are essential. To “win the money game”, you need to:

  1. Truly believe you deserve success, wealth and freedom. Limiting beliefs about being “not good enough” will hold you back.
  2. Think and behave like a millionaire daily through visualization, affirmations and developing a wealthy persona.
  3. Create something unique and valuable that the market will pay for, either an innovative product/service or by adding exceptional value.

The book provides a blueprint to manifest these steps using brain science, the Law of Attraction and the author’s own multi-million dollar experience.

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How long does it take to develop a “Millionaire Mindset”?

According to the author, retraining your brain to adopt a true "Millionaire Mindset" requires 90-180 days of daily practice. This allows sufficient time and repetition for new wealthy neural pathways and associations to become hardwired habits in your brain.

What visualization techniques are recommended?

Assaraf advocates writing down your target income level, desired lifestyle, and the key beliefs needed to achieve that wealth. He also prescribes vividly visualizing yourself as already possesssing the success and riches you want. An unusual technique he used was writing himself a check for $100 million and carrying it to constantly reinforce that vision.

What types of experts can accelerate the wealth journey?

To avoid costly mistakes and expedite results, the author recommends partnering with experts who have already walked the path to wealth that you seek. This can include financial advisors, investment professionals, business coaches, marketing/sales specialists, and others who can mentor and guide you based on their proven financial successes.

Is there a suggested sequence for implementation?

Yes, Assaraf outlines a specific order of operations. It begins with inner mindset work to build self-worth and dissolve limiting beliefs about money. Next is adopting the habits, behaviors and persona of a wealthy person. With that foundation set, you can move into understanding wealth principles like providing value, specialization and monetization. Then you leverage experts for knowledge/skills you lack. Consistent mindset retraining is woven throughout the entire process.

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