Winning the Game of Money With John Assaraf [Is It For You?]

John Assaraf’s Winning the Game of Money program offers a neuroscience-based approach to transform your financial mindset and habits. Through brain training, live coaching, and comprehensive financial strategies, it aims to rewire your beliefs about money, helping you achieve financial freedom and unlock your earning potential.

Struggling to build wealth? Stuck in financial ruts despite your best efforts? Want to know how to finally win the game of money?  

Then maybe John Assaraf’s program is the training you need to transform your money mindset and achieve financial freedom faster?

Through neuroscience-based “brain training”, concrete wealth-building strategies, and high-level coaching, Assaraf claims this comprehensive system provides the keys to help you unlock your fullest earning potential no matter where you’re starting from.

Want to be financially free and willing to put in the effort? This program can help you overcome negative beliefs about money, improve your financial habits, and discover new ways to make money.

winning the game of money with john assaraf

Here’s what you will find inside the program:

  • 12 Levels of Audio “Brain Training” – Focused on transforming beliefs and habits around money
  • 100 Days of Live Group Coaching – Weekly training calls with Assaraf and financial experts to get your questions answered
  • Financial Success Accelerator – 14 pre-recorded trainings on money management, investing, wealth creation strategies
  • Private Online Community – For support, accountability, and tracking progress
  • Comprehensive Bonuses – More video trainings from Assaraf and other experts like Jack Canfield

Upgrading Your Money Mindset: The Key to Financial Success

John Assaraf boils down financial success to one key factor: your inner money blueprint.

Our money blueprint is made up of the beliefs, assumptions, and habits we have around money, wealth, and our own self-worth. And for most people, this blueprint is filled with blocks and limitations.

We tell ourselves money is scarce or that rich people are greedy. We assume higher pay is for other smarter or luckier people. Bad money experiences get recorded in our subconscious and our blueprint reflects a life of struggle.

According to Assaraf, this faulty blueprint overrides any conscious efforts to improve your finances. Until you upgrade it, you will continue to struggle. Even as you make more money, you will lose it again.

free audio files innercise john assaraf

How can you upgrade your blueprint?

Assaraf draws on research showing the brain’s incredible neuroplasticity – its ability to form new neural pathways at any age. By training your brain with new money beliefs consistently, you can literally rewire it.

His course uses techniques like visualization, affirmations, and advice from financial experts to help flip the internal switch in your mind. When your blueprint shifts to an abundance mentality that believes financial success is possible for you, it starts attracting opportunities automatically.

The premise is that by upgrading your money mindset first, achieving external financial goals becomes easy and natural rather than a constant struggle against yourself.

brain a thon with john assaraf
The Brain-A-Thon is a free online event that teaches science-based methods to help people succeed. Expert John Assaraf and other top speakers share techniques for overcoming mental barriers, building confidence, and reaching your goals.

By attending with an open mind, you can get useful tips to improve your mindset, productivity, income, and life. The insights won't magically solve all problems, but could help you accomplish more if applied consistently.

It's a no-cost chance to gain practical strategies from world-leading professionals. Fully participate to get the most value. You have little to lose and potentially a lot to gain by joining this summit.

Isn’t it Another Scam? Will It Work For Me?

It’s reasonable to be skeptical of courses making big promises to solve all your money problems. And Winning the Game of Money definitely makes some bold claims.

But there are a few reasons why this program stands out from scammy “get rich quick” schemes:

  1. Comprehensive approach – This isn’t just vague advice or a motivational speech. There are concrete personal finance strategies taught by experts.
  2. Backed by evidence – The core premise around neuroplasticity and rewiring money beliefs is backed by psychological research.
  3. Long-term support – With 100 days of live coaching and an online member community, it doesn’t just take your money and run.
  4. Money-back guarantee – You can try it out risk-free for 30 days. If you don’t get results, you get your money back, no questions asked.
Of course, no program can guarantee success or make you rich overnight. You have to put in sincere effort to upgrade your beliefs and implement the financial strategies.

But Winning the Game of Money checks the boxes of a legit course rather than a scam. As far as whether it will work for you – with an abundance mindset and consistency, there’s no reason it can’t.

So is it foolproof? No training program ever is. But it was created with good intentions by credible experts. Approach it with an open mind and you may just find your money blueprint transformed.

If you're tired of money struggles sinking your potential...

If you know there's another level possible but can't break through...

If you want experts guiding you step-by-step to financial success...

Then don't just wish for change. Commit to your transformation by exploring John Assaraf's Winning the Game of Money course using the blue button below.
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