10 Good Jobs for Introverts Who Want to Feel Comfortable at Work

good jobs for introverts

Being an introvert isn?t a bad thing.

It can be an uncomfortable personality trait to have when you?re in a room with a bunch of extraverts.

It can also be uncomfortable to be at a workplace where you?re asked to be more social and interactive then you naturally are.

Being an introvert doesn?t necessarily mean that you want to work all alone, but it would be nice to have some independent responsibilities, wouldn?t it?

Or to be able to work on a small team that is close-knit and friendly?

Thankfully, there are good jobs for introverts who like to work alone or in small teams that are open right now.

Many different industries require your unique talents and gifts and will accommodate your personality so that you can settle in and be comfortable with your career.

Here are a few good options available to you right now.

#1. Writer

Writing is in high demand today.

Just about everyone needs a writer.

This means you can choose the type of writing that you do easily.

Journalism, marketing, and the entertainment industry typically need the most writers, but you can make a good living writing about automobile parts or creating product descriptions for furniture if you want.

The best part about writing is that it is naturally independent.

You can set your own comfort levels. You can work for large companies or from a home office.

You?ll need to have good research skills and be able to actively listen to others, especially if part of your job duties includes interviewing.

In return, you can work in a creative career that constantly challenges you intellectually in some way.

Most writers can earn around $40,000 if they are working full-time, plus earn benefits like vacation time or retirement matching, when working with an employer.

Independent technical writers who work from home might earn between $20,000-$100,000, depending on what their field of specialty happens to be.

Even bloggers can earn around $30,000 per year once they have an established client list.

#2. Animal Care

If you prefer furry personalities instead of human personalities, then a job at the local animal shelter could be right for you.

These animals need care and you can earn between $20,000-$30,000 to provide that care.

In return, you get to work with animals instead of people on a regular basis.

If you don?t mind some human interaction, but prefer to oversee those social interactions because of your introverted personality, then working as a veterinarian is a good solution.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US reports that veterinarians earn an average salary of $88,490, with a top pay potential of nearly $160,000.

Even the lowest-paid veterinarians earn over $50,000 per year.

#3. Management

Some of the best managers, supervisors, and executives in every business are introverts.

Here?s why: introverted personalities demand competence.

You?ll find an introvert in a management position will expect the best out of themselves and their people.

As a leader, you?re naturally isolated in the chain of command.

Your team consists of other managers at your level within your department.

That might be 2-4 other people, even in larger companies.

This allows you to create a team with a personality that makes you comfortable.

If you can create consistent results, your manager will let you be so you can work independently.

It?s often the best of all worlds.

The amount of money you earn will depend on the level of management you?re in, your industry, and what specific job duties you are called upon to complete.

In caretaking, you might only earn $9 per hour or the local minimum wage, whichever is higher.

Retail managers can make between $10-$13 per hour in many locations.

If you were an IT manager, you might be able to make $20 per hour or more.

#4. Meter Reader

Although many public utilities are installing smart readers that automatically transmit data for billing, rural areas still have meter readers that visit homes and businesses on a regular basis.

Some urban areas still need meter readers as well.

The good news is that you?ll be out and about in your community, working independently and earning a wage that hovers around $15 per hour.

The bad news is that you may be asked to walk up to 4 miles per day or drive over 100 miles per day in varying weather conditions.

Many meter readers are hired as independent contractors, which means they are treated as a sole proprietorship for taxation purposes.

You won?t receive benefits and you?ll need to pay the employer share of Social Security and Medicaid taxes out of what you earn.

On the other hand, you often get to dictate how and when you work.

If you have an errand to run in the morning, you can work in the afternoon. Or vice-versa.

#5. Truck Driving

There are two ways that you can get into the world of long-haul truck driving.

You can either purchase your own rig or you can be hired by an employer to drive the truck and earn a wage based on total hours or total deliveries.

The only thing that is required to begin a career in this field is a commercial driver?s license, referred to as a CDL.

Individual long-haul truckers who own their own equipment can usually earn between $40,000-$60,000 per year, but that means they are on the road every week and home only 1-2 days.

Teams typically earn more, sometimes up to $80,000.

It?s a good option for couples who are introverted, but don?t mind spending time with each other.

Since you?re driving long distances, teams usually have one person drive and the other sleep, so there is plenty of alone time for everyone.

If you prefer to stay at home more, local farming cooperatives, delivery companies, and similar agencies may utilize drivers as well.

Salaries are usually between $10-$15 in this category, but you?re home every day and can still work on your own.

#6. Radiology Technician

One of the best paying jobs in the medical field that only requires a Bachelor?s degree is to work as a radiology technician.

You can choose which type of equipment you?ll specialize in, from MRIs to CT scans to x-rays.

Some techs will be trained in all equipment options to have the best possible opportunities for advancement.

With the right level of education and experience, a radiology tech can earn an opportunity to become a radiology assistant.

Radiology technicians explain procedures to patients and answer questions.

They prepare the equipment for use, prepare exam rooms, and make sure patients are positioned properly.

They will produce the images that are needed to make a diagnosis, administer medications, and complete documentation.

Radiology assistants work under the direct supervision of the radiologist physician and extend the care options that are provided to the patients.

A radiology technical can usually earn between $35,000-$50,000 annually, though location does influence the amount of money that is earned in this career.

Some radiology assistants can earn more than $100,000 per year.

And if you are pursuing a career as a doctor in the medical field, you could easily earn over $450,000.

#7. Automobile Mechanic

If you love cars and you?re an introvert, then working as an independent automobile mechanic could be a good job for you.

Mechanics can easily earn up to $50 per hour in labor virtually anywhere in the United States.

Highly qualified mechanics with ASE certification can earn upwards of $80 per hour.

Some of the top paid auto mechanics in the United States easily earn $100,000 or more per year, especially when they have their own business.

Specialty mechanics tend to earn a little more in salary than general mechanics, but there also tends to be less variety in the work that needs to be done every day.

Mechanics do typically need to provide their own tools, even if they are going to work as an employee with traditional pay and benefits.

This may mean an investment of $1,000 or more before you can begin working.

#8. Self-Employment

If you work on your own, then you can employ yourself in any job that you like.

Love photography? Then be a freelance photographer.

Want to create art? Then be a freelance graphic artist.

Thanks to platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancer websites, you can create a work-at-home opportunity in just minutes and begin to sell your services.

Working as a freelancer can be very rewarding, but you need to do more than set up your shop somewhere and deliver high quality work.

Some jurisdictions may require you to have a business license or have certification in your skill before you can start performing work.

You?ll also need to keep track of your finances and pay your quarterly estimated taxes.

If you don?t pay enough taxes throughout the year, then there is the potential of a tax penalty when you file.

It often takes a year or two before a self-employment opportunity really takes off.

There are challenges, of course, but there are also rewards.

What other type of job allows you to work in your pajamas?

With self-employment, you?re always in charge.

You can work from home.

The daily commute can be between your bedroom and your home office.

Those positives often outweigh the negatives.

With hard work, you can earn whatever makes you comfortable.

#9. Trade Work

One of the more unique opportunities for introverts is for those who love a little construction work, but don?t like working in large teams.

Foreclosure cleanouts and property restorations allow you to earn a solid wage while getting to do what you love.

Trade work is usually paid by the job.

You might earn $300 for a cleanout or a specific per-task wage for your restoration work.

If a handrail needs to be built, you might earn $60 for that.

Installing a lock might earn $40. You might get $5 for replacing a burnt-out lightbulb.

You?ll get to do work as a carpenter, plumber, and landscaper ? often in the same job.

The one disadvantage of this type of work is that the cost of your supplies must come from your overall wage offer.

If you earn $60 for a handrail, but need to purchase $20 in supplies, you?ll net $40 profit, but report $60 for your income.

It requires a lot of file management and financial reporting to make sure you stay within your budget when taking advantage of this type of opportunity.

Most people who are employed with trade work can earn at least $40,000 per year if they take jobs on a weekly basis.

#10. Accountant

If you?re good with numbers, then working as an accountant is a solid option for an introvert.

It allows you to stare at those figures all day long, creating budgets and financial reports.

You might send out invoices or paid bills that come due.

If you?re employed in a traditional organization, you?d likely have payroll responsibilities as well.

Accountants will also prepare liability, asset, and capital account entries for account analyzation.

They summarize the current financial status of the company, prepare balance sheets, release profit/loss statements, and create other reports that may be needed.

The average salary for an accountant in the United States is about $67,000 if you have a Bachelor?s degree.

You can also work as a financial clerk with just a high school diploma and earn about $37,000.

Accountants also could work freelance, in self-employment, or run their own business.

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Which Job Opportunity is Right for You?

There are plenty of good jobs for introverts who like to work alone.

The amount of independence which is allowed provides for an excellent opportunity to grow comfortable within a career on your own time.

You get to be in control.

Work indoors, find an outdoor job, or work from home.

They?re all options that are available with jobs like these for introverts.

Do you have an introverted personality? What was your favorite job?

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