How To Increase a Conversion Rate Quickly

how to increase a conversion rate

Are you wondering how to increase a conversion rate? Do you want to realize these increases quickly?

Whether you’re just trying to generate a comprehensive e-mail marketing list or you’re looking to increase sales on a specific product, there are specific, proven strategies that can help you achieve much more than the average 2% conversion rate.

Imagine a 7% conversion rate, a 12% conversion rate, or even higher… it’s very possible!

Let’s take a look at the options that are available to you so that you can begin transforming your website today. First, however, you need to check to see what is working well on your website, what is not, and get a baseline of performance.

It makes no sense to change what is working… and you need to know when something decreases your conversion rate for some reason immediately!


How Good Is Your Sales Funnel?

There are two places on any given e-commerce platform that receive nearly all of the attention: the home page and the checkout page. Although the first impression and the last impression are extremely important, there are other steps within the funnel itself that will make or break your conversion rate.

For many people, it’s the account setup page that makes them end up changing their mind to simply bounce away to a competitor’s service or product.

Why does this happen? Because the instant that you allow someone the opportunity to second guess themselves, they will.

You can type until your fingers turn blue and give content that has explosive value throughout the entire sales funnel, but if you allow just one moment during the account setup page [or any other place in the funnel] where the value is not reinforced, then you’ve already lost the battle.

How can you fix this issue? The easiest way is to remind your prospect of the value that caused them to click on through your sales funnel at every step. Don’t allow someone to second guess themselves or worse ? second guess the value you provide.


How Good Is Your Call To Action?

ways to increase conversion

BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY WHILE THEY LAST! If you watch any commercial on television, you’ll see a good call to action.

Sometimes it is presented to you in visual form as one actor/actress chooses one product over the other. Sometimes a narrator tells you to hurry because it’s only around for a limited time.

It’s all done for one reason: to make you want what they’ve got so badly that you’re willing to stop watching TV right now to get it.

How important is the content on your website? It’s one of the critical components of a good conversion rate!

Just about anyone can write good content that can establish a relationship with the prospect that is viewing the content. The difference between good content and great one that provides a higher conversion rate is an effective call to action.

If you’re wondering how to increase your conversion rates through your CTA, there’s three steps that you must follow perfectly every time:

  • it must completely relate to the person reading the content to make them realize that it can help them immediately;
  • there must be a level of scarcity communicated in the call to action so that the prospect will want to react now instead of 6 months from now; and
  • there must be multiple CTAs on your website, with the first one appearing above the fold ? preferably in the opening paragraph that you’ve constructed.

The more a prospect is gently spurred on to take action, the more likely they are to do it. If your CTA is clear, concise, but not overly pushy or rude, then you’ve got a good chance of increasing your conversion rates no matter what your end goal may be. Why? Because you’re creating a want that supersedes anything else at that very moment.


Use multiple opt-in boxes

There are different places on your website where you can put an opt-in box. It can appear at the top of the website, you can put it in the sidebar, you can place it at the end of each post (or somewhere in the middle of it), you can also use a pop-up opt-in box that will show up when a visitor lands on your site or tries to leave it.

The more people leave their email address on your website the more chances you have to make money later on. Remember that you goal is to convert traffic to subscribers and then the subscribers into customers.

Pop-Up Domination
Hello Bar

Jay Abraham once said that there are three ways to grow a business:

– Increase the number of customers
– Increase the transaction size
– Increase the purchasing frequency

In other words you have to try to acquire new customers, you have to try to sell them more and you have to try to sell to them more frequently – this way you may boost your conversion rate.


Offer a Place Where a Prospect Can Have Their Questions Answered

How many times have you had that annoying salesperson at a store that asks you approximately 1 million times if you’ve found everything you need? Then they hover around you as you weigh your options like a butler who thinks they’re about to get fired for not providing enough service.

Why do salespeople do this? Because people are more likely to buy when they know that a question can be immediately answered.

No matter how good the content on a website might be, there will always be a question that someone develops after reading it. This may occur at any point throughout the sales funnel.

Sometimes these questions can be rather random, like ?What shade of red does this product actually have?? Other questions are looking for results, like ?If I sign up for your newsletter, will you send me tons of e-mails that solicit me for money instead of providing me with the information I want??

One of the easiest ways to counter the issue of question development is to include a chat box throughout your sales funnel. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a staffed chat box either, though having someone available to answer questions does help more than an automated process does.

You can program the chat box to respond to keywords or typical questions so that the prospect is provided with an immediate response.

This quick response often leads to higher conversion rates because of one specific reason: you’ve communicated to your prospect that you care about them. If you’re willing to take the time out to answer a question, then you care about what that prospect thinks.

That is the foundation of a relationship and often the start of repetitive business. Prospects that use the chat box will spend up to 40% more time on your website and each second longer means a second closer to a conversion.

Just be careful about where you place this chat box and give people the option to cancel it out if they wish. Otherwise you’ll just be that hovering salesperson who annoys a potential customer.


A Personal Story Increases Conversion Rates Dramatically

Nearly every day, something my grandfather told me once rings through my head. ?People aren’t interested in knowing facts and figures,? he said. ?People are interested in knowing your personal journey and how that journey can help them avoid mistakes.?

He was right ? people aren’t interested in facts and figures when it comes to a sale. They’re interested in your personal story.

That’s not to say facts and figures aren’t important, but they shouldn’t be the starring role in the drama of your content. When you discuss how a product, service, or event changed your life and made it better, this communicates a level of value to the prospect on your website.

If the story is also able to relate to them and make them feel like what happened to you also happened to them, your chances for a conversion go up even more.

If you want to know how to improve your conversion rates, then the first step in this process is to fully research your targeted market. Instead of blindly posting content, take a look at how your newsletter or your products will affect this market.

When you know how people will react, then you’ll have the knowledge of what relates, what doesn’t relate, and that will help you to tell your story more effectively.

Or, as my grandfather would say, ?You can’t make a gorilla take a banana, but you can encourage one to want one by eating a banana yourself.?


Use an Add-On Magnet That Attracts Attention

The refrigerator we have at home is a virtual collection of magnets with funny sayings, the kid’s artwork, and a small whiteboard where we leave messages for other family members so that we can stay in better contact with each other.

Whenever someone comes into our home, the first thing they mention is the fridge. ?There’s just so much good stuff on here!? one person told me recently. ?It’s like you’ve created a mini version of the internet in your kitchen!?

The add-on magnet that you place on your website’s home page and throughout your sales funnel is exactly like the fridge in my kitchen: it attracts attention. The kind of attention it attracts will determine whether or not your conversion rates will go up or go down.

If the magnet is informative, easy-to-use, and doesn’t distract your prospect from the process of getting what they want, then you’ll know how to improve your conversion rates dramatically in just a few weeks.

On the other hand, a bad add-on magnet is about as effective as me splashing ketchup all over the kid’s artwork on my fridge. Not only will people be attracted to it for the wrong reasons and not convert, but they’ll tell everyone they know about the bad experience they had. ?I went over to this guy’s house and he had ketchup stains all over his fridge!? they’d say. ?How awful is that??

You don’t want awful. You want awesome! Give a blurb of information that reflects your call to action in the content, an attractive graphic that relates to your service or product, and make the effort to convert painless and fast. Do that and your add-on magnet will immediately create the awesomeness you desire.

If you want to increase your conversion rates, then take these steps today to make sure your website is fully maximized.

Keep your sales funnel consistent, let your content tell a story, and most importantly, make sure you can answer any question. Do that and you’ll find success!

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