How to Make Big Money Online?

How to make big money online

If you want to know how to make big money online, then one word must be at the forefront of any idea you choose to implement: creativity.

You must be creative in your approach to an online money-making venture in order to stand out. There are a number of different opportunities available to you, but to really make the big bucks, you can’t just be background noise.

You must be big and bold. These ideas can help you to get started on earning the income that you want, but just signing up for an account and expecting it to pay off for you isn’t going bring money into your wallet.

You’re going to need to work and work hard.

If you’re willing to put in the work, then here are the best ways to make big money online right now.

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#1. eBay?

What makes eBay one of the best ways that you can make big money online?

It’s because you are always in control of what you sell, the costs that you generate monthly, and how you interact with potential customers.

Throwing a few items up for auction every month isn’t going to make you the big bucks.

You’ve got to manage your time effectively while still selling valuable products at a margin that brings in profit. Here are some of the best ways to improve the time you’re spending on eBay to make more money.

  • Make your listing easy to customize. Create a long-form product listing that allows you to make it customized by changing the name of the item only. Talk about your commitment to good quality customer service in no uncertain terms.
  • Make your account interesting. You can write expertise guides on eBay that will draw more people to your listings. Take the time to make that content happen.
  • Keep track of your best sellers. Don’t waste your time on listings that don’t get much attention. Your best selling products need to become the focus of your money-making opportunity, but don’t flood your market with the same product. Do that and you’ll dilute your revenues dramatically.

It takes some time to build up a solid eBay presence. If you have a unique product to sell, however, such as original paintings that you create or other items of substance, then you may make an immediate splash and make some big cash.


#2. Writing

Here’s a statistic that is going to blow your mind: 6 out of every 10 companies in the world today are spending big money on writers today.

When we’re talking big money here, we’re talking BIG money, like 3x or 4x your current annual salary.

To make the big money, however, you’re going to need to prove that you’ve got the chops to put words together in a cohesive way. The best way to do this is to meet your promises and then overdeliver.

Once you’ve established a reputation for success, you’ll find that the demand for your work is going to be high.

This will allow you to adjust your pricing structures over time so that you can begin meeting the income requirements that you want from your online presence. Some writers are clearing more than $1 million per year with their work.

The best way to compliment active writing work is with a passive earning experience.

Starting a blog is a great way to show your writing expertise and sites like Wealthy Affiliate can help turn that talent into passive cash.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you receive two websites for free to see if you like the experience. You can expand your presence from there or choose to keep it free. The choice is up to you.


#3. Multi-Level Marketing [MLM]?

make serious money online MLM isn’t usually the first choice for people to make big money online, but that’s because you’re essentially establishing a brand new business when you start an opportunity in this field.

Once you get established, however, the rewards can be immense. Not only do you get compensated for the sales that you make, but you also get paid for recruiting new salespeople to the business as well. This becomes your downline.

Let’s be clear: there are A LOT of scams that creep up in this niche of the online community.

It is important to perform your due diligence on any company that you’re thinking about incorporating into your life. Their reputation will become your reputation.

Being able to sell something that you are passionate about is also an essential component to the process.

If you don’t like make-up, then how are you going to get people excited about the products that you’re trying to sell?

If you do get involved with a solid MLM opportunity, don’t forget to cast the widest net possible.

Canvas your local neighborhoods. Get a website started where you can directly sell your items. Have a Facebook page for your community to come together cohesively.

You can even sell products on sites like Amazon if you wish.


#4. Sell Advertising?

If you’ve already got a website, then you’ve already got a money-making tool that can bring in some big money. The best way to make this happen is to sell advertising on your site.

Many are already trying to sell banner ads as a way to earn cash, but you’ve got more opportunities than a few banner ads to generate some revenues.

  • Sell sponsored posts where you will review specific products or services on behalf of the company.
  • Allow companies to sponsor just one post or page on your website instead of the entire site.
  • Place links within the text of your website that take people to pages as a form of advertising.

Some options are better than others. Text links, for example, may bring about search engine penalties because paid links are often discouraged.

The benefit of this money-making opportunity, however, is that the money is almost 100% passive. You need to reach out to potential sponsors, but that’s about the extent of the work that you’ll need to do.


#5. Represent Someone

This might be the most lucrative opportunity of all. If you’ve got the entrepreneurial skills to sell something, then represent someone’s online business on their behalf as a way to make money.

In this way, you’re acting as an agent or broker to increase their profits.

How can making someone else money help to make you money? Take a look at Fiverr and you’ll see why passive money can be earned through representation in high amounts.

Fiverr charges sellers a 20% commission on every job they sell in return for a page where sales can take place.

They also handle the finances for the sellers, distributing money from the buyers after the cash has cleared. This allows sellers to focus on trading hours for dollars and some are making big bucks on that site.

So is Fiverr. At 1 million sales per day, they would collect $1 million dollars in passive revenues.

Now add on the 10% administration fee they charge buyers and that amount climbs to $1.5 million. This is the model you can use to represent someone today.

Take the good work of someone you know, market it for them, and take a commission from the sales that you make.

It’s like affiliate work, but on a personal level.


#6. Personal Coaching?

make legitimate money online

No matter which money-making venture you decide to take on today, the ultimate goal is to take the experiences you’ve learned and transform them into something that can make you even more money.

This is where personal coaching can really become helpful. Your reputation is a commodity that you should be selling, not giving away for free.

Just about anyone with any life experience in a specific niche can realistically sell personal coaching services at $100 per hour.

Now imagine having a program where you could consult with someone on an as needed basis for as much as $10k per client and we start talking about big cash.

Now combine this active work with the passive income you’re already earning and the amount of money that you can make online is virtually unlimited. You really will earn what you’re worth.

It is important to remember three things when you want to know how to make big money online.

  1. Hard work is always required.
  2. Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  3. Your opportunities must be better than the competition.

If you are on eBay selling gaming cards, then your competition isn’t the seller who has handcrafted blankets.

They can sell millions of units and it doesn’t matter to you. Your competition is within the gaming card niche.

If your competition is selling millions and you’re selling dozens, then you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you to stand out.

Pick an area that your competition isn’t focusing upon and make that your focus.

You must provide scarcity in order to find success. Provide that, earn the income you want, and over time you’ll be able to earn a ridiculous amount of money online.


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