How To Make Money From Writing Articles? 9 tips

How to make money from writing articles

So… you’re a writer. You want to know how to make money by writing articles.

Maybe you’ve already got a full-time job and you’re just looking for some extra cash.

Even if life has thrown you a curveball and you need to start earning some money to pay the rent or mortgage, writing articles can help you to begin earning some money with the first content that you create.

When it comes to making money from articles, there are two basic ways that you can earn some cash: by posting them on websites where you earn some money from every click that the article gets or by getting paid upfront for the content that you are writing.

Here are some of the best options that are available to you ?write? now to get you started.


#1. iWriter?

You can set up an account on this site right now and get started making money.

The clients who hire iWriter to get their content don’t have to approve the work you do, so there’s a chance that you could be working for free. Otherwise the pay rate is about $1 for every 100 words that you produce.

That’s not an awesome pay rate unless you’re incredibly productive, but elite writers can wind up with some decent cash if they produce 1,500 words per hour and have consistent work.

If you’ve never done online writing before, then this is the site to use to get started.

You might not get a lot of money at first, but if you take time to build your reputation up, the work will start coming in.


#2. Fiverr?

Instead of writing for someone else, why not write for yourself?

You can start your own business thanks to Fiverr, where everything starts for around $5 [though buyer’s have to pay $5.50 now on a number of orders with administrative fees].

As a seller of articles, you can dictate up to 10 different categories of content that you specialize in creating, set your own terms for delivery, and create a profile that can even include your previous portfolio so clients can see the quality of your work.

Fiverr takes a 20% commission for orders that are placed, so you’ll get $4 per ?gig? that is ordered. If you can produce 4 gigs per hour throughout the day, then you’ll earn $16 per hour writing articles. That’s not bad money!


#3. Hubpages?

If you don’t have much experience writing, don’t have a portfolio of work to show off, and you can produce some long form content, then this revenue sharing site is a good option to get you started.

You’ll get a byline, which can help you be able to build your own portfolio of work that can be used for future references.

The one issue is that you’ll need a Google AdSense account to earn money and that’s not always a guarantee. Minimum payment thresholds are $100 as well, so it can be awhile before you earn your first check.


?#4. Worldstart?

If you love technology, computers, wearables, or anything that can help people navigate the complicated world of Windows software in a unique way, then this is the writing program for you.

You’ll need to apply to become a writer, so there is no guarantee that you’ll actually get a job writing for this site. If you do, however, you’ll have the ability to earn up to $50 per article that you create.

Worldstart publishes a daily blog and has newsletters that use the content that you’re going to be writing and many big names in the tech world will see your stuff.

If you need to get a foot in the door, this is a great way to do it.


#5. About?

There’s a good chance that you’ve visited recently for one reason or another. It’s a Top 100 website and it pays a fair monthly rate to the writers that publish content for them.

There are numerous niches available where you can show off your expertise, so make sure to apply to become a writer for this website as well.

It’s not easy to break into this site as a writer, so any previous experience you have writing will pay off for you during the application process.

You’ll also receive a lot more exposure for the content you create if you’re writing on this website. The pay rate is pretty good as well and can help you get out of debt, make the rent, or finally tell your boss that you’re quitting for good.


#6. Tuts Plus?

This is a niche article writing site, but one that must be considered since it offers up to $250 per article.

You’re going to need to know a lot about the world of HTML5 and CSS, however, if you’re going to be able to break into this site.

Quick coding tips or advice about website development are also routinely accepted, but more in the $50 per article range.

Many writers on the internet will try to fake it to make it today so they can earn some cash. You might get away with that on some sites, but you can’t do it here.

You’ll need to provide step-by-step information to guide someone through what they’re trying to learn and it must be 100% unique.

Trying to learn through ?YouTube University? just isn’t going to make the grade on this one.


#7. Daily Two Cents?

This website is a lot like the Spotify of the article writing world.

You get paid per impression on your articles, but it’s only $0.005 per impression ? and the visitor must stay on your content for at least 30 seconds for you to get paid.

Payment minimums begin at $5 and you can include links to legitimate affiliate products, however, so there are some chances to earn more money without needing to set up your own domain.


#8. Textbroker?

If you’ve been a ?traditional? writer and been published in print before, then this might be the site that tempts you the most.

They pay per word and you can earn up to $0.05 per word if you have a 5 star rating from the staff.

You’ll get paid through your PayPal account once per week if you are able to earn at least $10.

Payments keep rolling over week to week until you make that first $10. Applicants need to submit a sample article when registering that shouldn’t have been published anywhere else already.


#9. Pukitz?

A final consideration is this niche blogging site.

The payment terms are low ? you’re only going to get $0.50 per article. That’s because the content is being rented from you instead of being purchased.

This means you will still own all of the work that gets produced and published on this site.

You can’t just randomly double publish work, however, because that will affect everyone’s search integrity.

Inform the staff that you’re publishing something elsewhere and they’ll take the content down for you.

The minimum word count for articles on this site is 500 words. You’ll need to focus on one specific niche until you’ve written a series of posts and proven that you’ve got the chops for creativity in the written word.


You can always write on your own website or blog to earn some cash

make money by writing articlesAlthough the average blog earns less than $10 per month [and many make less than $1 per month], there are no limits to what you can write or what you can earn.

The best way to blog and make money is through affiliate partnerships, advertising contracts, and the selling of your own products.

To get started just pick a subject niche of which you are quite passionate and then begin a writing plan that has you posting new content at least once every other day.?

If you want to know how to make money from writing articles, then these are some of the best options that are available to you today.

You can earn what you’re worth doing something you love.

What are you waiting for? Boot up your computer, hook up your keyboard, and start getting creative today!


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