How To Make Money On a Website Right Now

how to make money on a website

Do you have a website? Have you ever wondered how to make money on a website that you own?

Could you use a little extra cash? Of course you could! Maybe not if you’re Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, of course, and gentlemen if you’re reading this than thanks for the time!

Most people could use some pocket money to make life a little easier. Paying the bills, getting a bite to eat at a restaurant, saving for retirement, or paying for the kid’s gymnastics classes… money goes out quickly. A website can help money come in quickly too.

Want to know how the most successful people are doing it every day? No one is going to divulge their actual secrets, but here are some places where you can get started.

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One of The Most Effective Way To Make Money Is To Sell Ad Space

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I like to do is read the news. I’m one of those Earth-conscious guys who tries to do his part to save the planet, so rather than buy an actual newspaper every day, I read the news online.

How can a newspaper create a free online edition that still makes money? Through the sale of advertising space on the website. Because I use the site daily, I click on ads every so often to see what is being offered to generate money for the paper.

The same thing can be done on your website too! Are you going to be able to sell a ton of advertising space on a website that gets 20 visitors per day? Probably not. The higher the levels of traffic you get, the more likely you are to sell some space and generate some cash.

How can you drive traffic to your site to spur advertising sales? There’s three proven methods that work:

  • create valuable content,
  • promote this content through social media, and
  • optimize your content for search engines.

Sometimes traffic will come right away. Other times traffic won’t come at all! The best margins for cash, however, will always come from advertising.

Got a Product To Sell? Maybe a Service? Then Do It!

Outside of direct advertising revenues that you sell yourself, the next most effective way to make money with your website is to sell your own product. You’ll see this everywhere on today’s internet and the process is only getting bigger and more diverse.

You’re not generally going to make a splash with a generic product or service. You’re going to need a niche service that will show that you are the absolute expert at what you do!

If you want to know how to make money with your website, then get down to the very specifics of your skills and talents. If you’re a writer, then write content or stories in a specific niche or genre to begin.

If you’re a painter, then paint family portraits, landscapes, or soup cans if you prefer. If you’re a photographer, then focus on one subject type. The examples here are endless, but they all have one thing in common: you’re fulfilling a specific need and that specificity gives you a better chance of being noticed.

As you grow your reputation, then you’ll be able to expand your service base, potentially charge more, and increase your profit margins. You might not make huge stacks of cash, but you could earn a fair, competitive wage compare to the general workforce in your community.

Premium Subscription – a very profitable offer you can make to your audience

Would you be satisfied if you had very predictable revenue from your members every month? Of course you would! So what should you do?

Create premium content not available on your blog and charge for access to it. When you notice that the traffic to your website continues to grow together with the number of subscribers, take into account adding a premium subscription level to your site.

Convert visitors into subscribers

earn money with a website

If you’re serious about earning money through your website then you have to start turning traffic into subscribers. How can you do it? By placing opt-in boxes on your website! You can put an opt-in box in the sidebar, at the end of the article (or somewhere in the middle of it), you can place an opt-in box at the top of your website, or you can install a pop-up opt-in.

Of course you have to give your visitors something in exchange for their email address, otherwise why would they leave it on your website? If you don’t have opt-in boxes on your site, you’re losing money, and you want to make it, right?

The people that read your blog post are actually some of the most qualified people in the world and you should make them an offer, because they’re ready to do?something.

Incorporate Advertising Programs On Your Website

There are a number of different kinds of advertising that you can incorporate on your website that are sold by other agencies. Instead of selling banner space on your own, you’re becoming an advertising affiliate in this method to represent another organization’s advertising instead.

The more people who interact with your ads, the more money you’ll make. This is often the easiest and fastest way to start earning cash right away.

Here are the primary advertising programs that you can install on virtually any website:

  • Pay per click. In this type of advertising, you’ll be paid for every organic click that is generated from your website. Depending on the products or services that are being represented, the clicks can range from just a couple cents to a couple bucks. Many PPC campaigns also allow for increased compensation rates if a click leads to a conversion or purchase.
  • CPM advertising. Instead of paying you for each click that an ad generates, CPM advertising campaigns pay you based on the amount of impressions that you generate to visitors on your website. These are usually paid per every 1,000 impressions and the compensation is usually just a few cents per installment. For large amounts of traffic and the ease of installation, however, it can be an effective solution.
  • Cost per action. In this type of advertising, you’re not getting paid on the clicks your website generates. You’re being paid based on the actions that someone takes using your website as the origination point. It could mean being paid to have someone sign up for a newsletter, take a survey, or some other action that doesn’t necessarily involve purchasing a product or service.
  • Affiliate networks. With these advertising banners on your website, you’ll be paid a certain percentage of any sale that originates from your website. This is often the most difficult form of advertising to begin using, but it can be the most profitable out of these four methods with a good niche.

Some websites can make thousands of dollars per month with these advertising campaigns. Other websites may never see a single payout!

If you place advertising banners in places where high views are likely, you’ll be able to maximize your money making opportunities through this version of website monetization.


Sponsored Reviews Can Bring In Good Cash!

Here’s a secret that the internet doesn’t want you to know: almost all reviews are sponsored reviews in some way. Even websites that offer unbiased customer reviews have a majority of their reviews either professionally written, geared toward a specific product, or are simple works of fiction.

To take advantage of this little secret, a number of companies have started offering sponsored reviews as a means to help the average person with a website get some money from it.

It works like this ? you still write the post that appears on your blog, but you choose from a number of sponsored topics. There’s a wide variety of topics available, so you can pick something that works fairly effectively with your niche.

It’s tough to make a sponsored review seem credible and just one bad sponsored post can make an entire blog’s reputation suffer, but if you can make it work, there’s good money in this kind of job.

The best website owners typically have a blog to take advantage of this sponsored content because the blog roll can be refreshed with new content and more money-making opportunities. In order to make money on a website?in this area, you’ll also want these skills:

  • personal experience with the paid topic so that the sponsored review is more authentic to the reader;
  • the ability to relate the sponsored content in a unique way to the reader; and
  • the knowledge to know that every post will likely drive some traffic away.

The overall goal is generate more traffic than you’ll lose with sponsored content and if you can create a good, authentic story with the content, you’ll do well. Keep your sponsored content to about 1 out of every 4 or 5 posts total on your blog. If you prefer, you can also just become a direct affiliate and sell items directly to get a percentage of the sale.

When In Doubt, Just Ask!

If you’re providing free content that people will find valuable, there’s a good chance that a small fraction of them will want to help you out in some way. To that extent, you can create a completely ad-free blog and instead offer a ?Donate? button where people can pay you a pre-determined amount as a ?tip? for what you provided them.

A typical donation amount is just $1, but can realistically be any amount.

How much money does $1 per donation generate? If you’ve got a website that gets 20,000 unique visitors every month and just 10% of them donate $1 to you, then you’ve made $2,000 per month on your website in gross revenues.

Increase your traffic or improve the content quality of your site, then you’ll create even more.

There are a wide variety of ways to make money on the internet today. If you want to have a website, the first step is to come up with a niche concept and then develop valuable content to support it.

From there, choose the right form of cash generation that works best for you and you’ll begin the journey of earning money with your website!

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