How to Make Money on Blogs? 7 Methods of Proven Success

Make money blogging

Everyone needs to make a few extra bucks, right?

That’s why it is useful to know how to make money with a blog!

Just about everyone has a blog that they regularly update in some way.

By monetizing that blog, it is possible to make some massive money in a short amount of time!

Some bloggers are able to make millions of dollars from their blog, but let’s be realistic: a couple extra hundred bucks per month would go a long way toward paying some bills, right?

Blogging for money isn’t easy to do, but it can be done.

Here are 7 methods that have proven to be successful consistently in every industry.


#1. Solicit Businesses For Sponsored Posts?

Imagine if every post you created for your blog could generate $39.

For some bloggers, that’s a reality!

That is because they have reached out to local and global businesses to create sponsorships for their blog posts.

Businesses love the idea of sponsoring an individual post because they’ll be able to spread a link that is completely branded with their marketing materials.

Bloggers love it because it takes very little effort to generate some full-time revenues with part-time hours.

How can you get started with sponsorship posts?

The trick is to create a stunning informational post about something you’re passionate about within your industry.

Be detailed, grammatically perfect, and as influential as possible.

Then send out this post in emails to businesses within your industry and offer your services for a flat rate per post.

Why $39?

It seems to be the right price point that won’t kill a marketing budget, but can still make you some fast cash.


#2. Join a Blogging Program?

If you want to know how to make money on a blog without any investment whatsoever beyond your time, then you’ll need to know about blogging programs.

Specifically, you’ll want to know about Wealthy Affiliate.

You get two free websites to begin and in return, you’ll be able to access the resources you need to start earning money from Day 1.

How to create a website on WordPressThere really isn’t a faster, easier way to blog for free and still make cash ? especially if you don’t want to try your hand at sales or you hate negotiating compensation contracts.


#3. Online Advertising Programs?

Another easy way to start making money with your blog from Day 1 is to incorporate advertising coding into your website.

Google AdWords is often the first choice that folks have, but there are stringent rules about conduct that aren’t published.

If you violate these unpublished rules, then you are permanently banned from using AdWords as a method to make money.

That’s why LinkShare is a good option.

It costs nothing to join and there are several programs from which you can choose.

It’s affiliate advertising, so people must click your banners and then purchase something in order for you to get paid.

When done right, this can be a massive money maker!


#4. Amazon?

You can sell virtually anything that is on an Amazon website as an affiliate and get a commission for it.

Millions are using their Associates program in such a way to earn money and all you’ve got to do is copy/paste code into a sidebar, widget, or headline banner to get started.

You can earn up to 7% commissions on some products and if you include text advertising links, you don’t even have to gunk up your blog with graphics that may not make sense.


#5. Keep Blogging No Matter What?

How to create a free website and make money

For those big money blogs out there that can make millions of dollars, the average amount of time they’ve been active on the internet is 9 years.

For bloggers that have a site that is less than 2 years old, the average daily income is just $3.50.

There is a direct connection, however, to the length of time you keep your web presence alive and how much money you can make through blogging.

No matter what type of program you choose, whether it is one of the ones listed here or your own preferred program, it is important that you never give up.

Keep blogging no matter what!

Although it might seem like nothing good will come from the efforts when you’re making nothing, over time that will eventually correct itself.


#6. Create a Memorable Brand?

Whether you choose to be an affiliate, a passionate blogger, or you want to sell sponsored posts, it is incredibly important that you build up your own brand.

It is the BRANDING that will make you money because the reputation of your content will be reflective of it.

If you cannot build a brand because you just can’t think of a good niche theme, then your name can become your brand as long as it is fairly pronounceable and memorable.

It is important to remember that everything you create will feed your brand.

That means your social media presence, your email marketing efforts, and even your face are all assets that will help your blog make money!


#7. Tell Your Story?

Above all else, people are attracted to certain blogs simply because they tell a story.

Your readers are going to want to get behind the scenes of each post and understand the reasoning behind your passion.

They want to know about your struggles and how you solved them because they have the SAME struggles at that very moment.

A story is what helps you relate to each visitor, each reader, and it establishes a loyal friendship that can quickly create an RSS subscription.

Stories don’t have to be filled with meaningful descriptions and colorful adjectives.

They must simply be something that people can understand at a core level!

If you can accomplish that with your content, then you will know how to monetize your blog!

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