Is Internet Marketing Easy? A Few Important Tips

is making money online easy

You want to make some extra cash. There are dozens of stories on the internet today where people have made millions by making money online.

You might think to yourself something like this: if someone else can make money on the internet, then I can do it too.?

And you’d be right. Many people are working full-time on the internet right now, pulling down the most money they’ve ever made in their lives.

Most aren’t making big money, but what if you could make $75,000 in the next 12 months?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Making money online isn’t always easy, but with some hard work it can be done by anyone.

All you need is passion, one good talent or idea, and the help of internet marketing.

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Why Is Internet Marketing Important??

Marketing is what lets people know that you’ve got something to offer. You see marketing every day. When you’re hungry and watching TV at night, there’s a reason why most of the commercials you see involve food.

That’s the same principle behind internet marketing.

You’ve got something awesome to share. Internet marketing takes that awesomeness and shows everyone how much value there is in what you’ve got.

There are a number of ways to begin internet marketing.

You could send out emails to your family or friends. You could get involved with a freelance website like Fiverr or oDesk. You could even print out business cards, mail them to thousands of people, and promote your services.

Ok ? maybe not the last one. The first two, however, are great places to get started if your current primary internet presence is a Facebook page.


Is Internet Marketing a Career??

is internet marketing a carer

Internet marketing is absolutely a career. There are numerous businesses that are built on providing internet marketing to small business owners around the world.

The traditional principles of marketing are the same online. You find a customer segment, show them that you’ve solved a problem, and now you can save them time, money, or both.

If you’re just striking out on your own, however, the thought of hiring someone to promote your talents and skills is problematic.

You might be paying a marketing organization more than you get paid with incoming work. That’s why most independent freelancers, start-ups, and small businesses do their own internet marketing.

By keeping everything in-house, they’re able to keep all of their revenues. The down side is that there is more work that has to be done as the business grows.


Is Internet Marketing Safe?

is internet marketing safe

There are times when internet marketing might be considered unsafe. The main problem that entrepreneurs like you face are taxation consequences.

In the United States, for example, working online as an internet marketer means that you have to pay your own Social Security contribution AND the employer’s share?

Many get in trouble their first year in business because they don’t set aside enough of their income to pay taxes.

As a general rule, 15% of internet marketing income needs to be dedicated to end of year tax payments.

In the US, if you’ve failed to pay $1,000 in taxes over the course of a year, you may be subjected to fines and penalties in addition to the taxes you still owe.

That’s because the US tax system is a ?pay as you go? type of system.

When you make money, you pay a portion to the government every time. If you setup estimated payments right away, then internet marketing becomes much safer.

In terms of being physically safe, the answer is yes ? most internet marketers work at home. There will always be some risk, but it is comparable to any other administrative job.

The biggest risk that internet marketers face is identity theft. You’re out there for the world to see and it can be very easy to have someone hijack an identity and use it or abuse it.


Is Internet Marketing Oversaturated??

Yes and no. Internet marketing could very well be called the fourth major worldwide religion.

Everyone does their own thing following certain rules, each person believes they’re doing it the best way possible, and so they promote their services as the best that exist.

Every internet marketer believes in some way that their way is the only true way to succeed on the internet today.

This means there’s always room for someone who knows what they’re doing. If you stick to traditional marketing principles, but apply them to online tasks, you’ll build a solid reputation of success over time for either yourself or for the clients you represent.


How Do I Become a Successful Internet Marketer??

There’s two schools of thought here. You can either jump right in and begin working right away and improve through trial and error or you can go through training classes, webinars, and read up on digital marketing tools that can be used.

Either way, to become successful at internet marketing, you’re going to need to put yourself out there.

Most internet marketers wind up failing, even though they’re good at what they do, because they’re unwilling to take a risk.

When it’s your own cash that’s on the line, taking risks can be difficult. No one is denying that. The only problem is that when risk is avoided, so are profits.

Take the classic story of the man who buried his money in a can in his backyard. Let’s say this guy works for Apple and his two cubicle buddies got the same amount of cash as our guy did as a bonus for being awesome.

The first friend invests his money into a high risk start-up venture and winds up tripling his investment. Now the second friend ? he decided to take his money and market safer products like jewelry and video games. He doubles his investment.

Our guy who saved his money by burying it? It has lost value because of inflation.

To be successful as an internet marketer, you’ve got to take risks. You might fail. If you let fear rule over you, then you’re guaranteed to fail.

There is no secret industry. One type of job doesn’t make more money than others. There are artists who can sell paintings on eBay for $11,000 a piece and there are writers who can get an $11,000 advance on sites like PubSlush for their next novel.

Pick your passion, stick to it, and promote it to your targeted customer segments.

It’s that simple.


What Are Some of the Best Internet Marketing Tips??

internet marketing online training

If there was just one tip that could be offered to beginning internet marketers, it would be this: do a little bit of work every day.

You can’t expect to work 5 hours per week and get 40 hours worth of results. Life doesn’t usually work that way, so why would internet marketing?

The dream of passive income is also very difficult to achieve. It’s easier to get passive income from royalties from ghostwriting than it is to get passive income from popular internet marketing strategies.

You’ve got to be different to stand out. If you’re different enough and the best at what you do, then people will come to you.

Here are 5 additional tips to consider as you prepare to get into the world of internet marketing.

  1. It takes money to make money. The quality of your equipment matters. If you’re stuck waiting for the internet to load on an old computer, rely on fax machines for communication, and you’re not on broadband, then you’re not going to be as competitive.
  2. Networking is the foundation. If you look up marketing in the dictionary, it should say ?building relationships.? You’re hoping to make a sale by marketing, but what you’re really doing is creating a long-term relationship with a prospect so that you can build up some brand loyalty. Without networking, no marketing effort will succeed.
  3. Don’t assume. Just because others are doing something doesn’t mean that it will work for you. What everyone else is doing might not even be ethical. Stick to your passions and be honest 100% of the time. You’ll make a better impression on people by losing a sale through your honesty than making a sale with a dishonest campaign.
  4. Tell your story. People want to feel like they have a connection to others. With the digital world growing bigger, making the physical world smaller, the sacrifice being made is in personal relationships. Instead of face-to-face contacts, we’re making screen-to-screen connections. Tell your story and people will feel a real relationship beginning to form, even if it’s just a screen-to-screen connection.
  5. Never give up. There will be difficult times. 99 out of 100 people will likely tell you to leave them alone at first. Don’t give up, even when the times seem at their darkest. That 1 success is the light that you can follow out of the darkness and toward great success. Many internet marketers give up right before they’re about to hit the big time.


What Are the Best Areas of Focus for Online Marketing?

If you’re ready to start making money online, then follow the basic rules of business.

  • Have a unique product.
  • Give your very best to every customer.
  • Prove you’re the best.

Internet marketing boils down to providing evidence of your ?niche expertise.?

This means you’re sharing the knowledge you have about the industry you’re in so that you prove to others that your stuff is the best stuff. The only problem is that your competition is doing the exact same thing at the exact same time.

That’s why it is necessary to focus on what makes you different. Prove your expertise, but also prove why being different is better.

Most customers aren’t going to be contacting you until they’ve done almost all of their research. When they do come your way, your job is to let your internet marketing efforts close for you.


What If I Don’t Have Money For Internet Marketing?

You don’t need cash to get started with an internet marketing business. The main thing that you’re going to need is sweat equity, a brand, and a goal.

Here’s why these three things will bring you to the promised land of internet marketing success.

  • Sweat equity. You’ve got to work to get paid. There’s no getting around it. Shortcuts don’t work. Even outsourcing doesn’t always work. It’s your brain, your two hands on the keyboard, and your creativity that will fuel your success. There is a direct correlation to your chances of success to the amount of work you dedicate every day to an opportunity.
  • Branding. Your brand is your message to the world of the internet. It is what prospects will think about first when they think of you. That’s why your brand must speak a precise message of the opportunity you provide. If your brand is ?Shoes and More? and you sell books… well, that doesn’t make sense.
  • Goals. Internet marketing is a business, which means you need to have a business plan in place. Set short-term goals, like increasing revenues 10% over the next 60 days. Set long-term goals as well, such as having 1,000 followers on a Facebook page. Every goal should be geared toward your better success, but it should also have specific metrics [measurements] that let you track results. Don’t be afraid to reset goals when circumstances change.

Even if your bank account is hovering around zero, internet marketing can still become a reality. Just put in the sweat equity first and the value of that work will eventually pay off with real money that can be reinvested into your online moneymaking venture.

Is internet marketing easy? It can be, but it also takes hard work to become successful.

Take these tips and apply them to your own opportunity so that you can carve out a profitable niche of your own.


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