Make Money at Home with Your Computer: Step 3 ? Creating content, linking, keyword research

how to create content

Now that you have already chosen your niche market, and installed a WordPress blog, you need to fill it with content.

The first thing you should do right now is to define your content categories.

The categories will be dependent on the niche you picked. For example, if your blog is about internet marketing, one of your categories could be ?online marketing? another one ?outsourcing?, another one ?social media?, another one ?SEO?.

Then you can create subcategories and sub sub categories. If your main category is, say, SEO, you can write a blog post about PBNs and that would be a subcategory. So SEO is the main category and Building PBNs is a subcategory.

Remember to link within the same categories (2 links within the same category) and outside of the categories (1 link to pass to another category).

Just read through your blog posts and look for the way that you could link internally from the page you?re reading right now to another page within the same category.

For example I have an article about How to build a blog quickly. I look through it and I find the words ?build a blog on WordPress?. I use these words as an anchor text and I link to an article about building a blog on WordPress, which is in the same category.

It may have some impact on the ranking of your blog posts and will help you grow your authority on a specific subject/target keyword.


Writing content

how to write content

If you?re going to write a blog post for your blog, remember about these things:

  • Your paragraphs should be short: 2-3 sentences
  • Create subheadings (h2 tags)
  • The text should be black on white background
  • Use conversational speak
  • Create a captivating headline
  • Create great introduction
  • Use the words ?you? and ?I?
  • Use a relevant image at the top of your blog post
  • Use a video in your blog post. This way your content will be more entertaining and will keep the readers longer on your site.

Before you launch your blog, I recommend creating 5-10 pieces of content. Some people say that you should create even as many as 30 blog posts before your blog goes live.


What about keywords?

I?m sure you?ve already heard about ?keyword research?. It is looking for words that are relevant to your niche. When you find a relevant keyword, then you create content around it.

Keywords are phrases that people type in the search engines to find something online. Your goal is to find a good keyword which is not very competitive and can get you a lot of traffic to your site.

How can you find such keywords.

Well, you can use Google Keyword Planner. Many people do it.

Or you can try out Jaaxy. I?ve been using this tool since the day I heard about it. Really, if you start using it, you won?t ever want to look for any other keyword research tools. You can create a free account and do 30 free searches.

Another method to find keywords is to type into Google, e.g.: bodybuilding. You will see a list of related keywords such as: bodybuilding motivation, bodybuilding music etc. Go through the entire alphabet and see what comes up.

So for example, type in ?bodybuilding g?, ?bodybuilding t?, ?bodybuilding f? and so on. If you find an interesting keyword create content around it.

best keyword research tool

Another thing you can do to find keywords is to type into Google the word ?bodybuilding?, hit Enter, scroll down to the bottom of the page and pick some of the keywords that you will find there to create your blog post, e.g.: vegan bodybuilding, bodybuilding diet etc.

creating content

However, before creating an article with the given keyword, I would first go to Jaaxy to check whether it is a valuable keyword, i.e. if it?s not too competitive and if it has the potential to bring a lot of traffic to your site.

Places to Get Content Ideas?

  • Buzzsumo
  • Google News
  • Quora, Yahoo answers
  • Authority sites in my niche ? check what they are writing about
  • Amazon reviews
  • Google Alerts
  • Talkwaker Alerts?

Check also this link: when you run out of things to post

Other methods that you can use to make the process of creating content easier:?

  1. Interview someone ? send somebody a set of questions via email and ask them to answer them. Next use their answers to create a blog post.
  2. Interview yourself ? prepare questions and ask somebody to interview you. Record it with audio or video and then have it transcribed or embed the audio/video on the blog.
  3. Crowdsource ? Find a few people that are experts on the given topic and send all of them the same questions via email. Next take all of their answers and create a single blog post.
  4. Find a video on YouTube. Embed it on your blog and write a short analysis below it.
  5. Curate content.


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