How To Earn Money With a Website: Find the Money Keywords!

how to earn money with a website

Search engine optimization is a lot like a modern religion. There is one general outcome, which is a higher search ranking, but there are a lot of different, technical paths to get there.

Some professionals prefer to use linking and quality anchors. Others like to focus on the directories and other free services.

The one place where there is common ground, however, is with the inclusion of money keywords.

If you want to know how to earn money with a website, this is the one definite way to do it.

What are money keywords?

If this were 10 years ago, you’d hear advice about including general subjects, specific meta tags, and repetitive content that stacks keywords together in groups so that your site can get noticed.

Times have changed in the last decade and now the emphasis is on specificity and value.

Google wants to provide immediate answers to people who have questions.

You’ve likely seen the boxed answers at the top of your recent searches.

To provide immediate answers, they need to see websites that provide them.

This is why your focus today with your content must be on long tail keywords.

This is also why you need the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.


What Is the Best Keyword Research Tool??

Let’s say that you run a business that sells coffee. You want to have local people be able to know that you run a coffee business, but you also want to become a niche expert in the coffee that you sell because you can ship bags of custom roasted beans around the world.

This is where the first error tends to occur for the amateur website builder.

Because the focus is selling coffee, the keywords tend to be ?selling coffee.?

How many people in the world today do you think are selling coffee at this very moment?

A simple website search for this keyword brings up 133 million results and a picture of David Hasselhoff holding a cup of iced coffee.

Probably not what you want, right?

With longtail keywords, you can become more specific about what you do.

?Selling coffee in Hometown USA” will help to bring local consumers closer to your door, but you’ll still be competing with all of the other coffee places in your community.

?Selling custom roasted coffee in Hometown USA? brings people right to your website.

This is where Jaaxy can really help you out.

It’s hard to know what people are searching for on the internet today, especially since 70% of web searches are for longtail keywords.

Instead of guessing, Jaaxy will provide you with a comprehensive list of keyword searches that are related to your subject in just minutes. In return, you’ll be able to see what keywords see a lot of action and where you can create an immediate impact with your content marketing.


You Also Get to See What the Competition Is Doing

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Jaaxy lets you get an edge on the competition because you get to see the exact competition in every keyword.

What makes more sense? To focus on a keyword with 5,000 searches per month with lots of competition? Or to focus on a keyword with 1,000 searches per month and zero competition?

As a secondary advantage, Jaaxy also lets you see how much traffic you can expect to get when you get ranked on the front page of Google.

If speed is your need, then Jaaxy has you covered as well thanks to its stoplight ranking system.

The quality of any given keyword is given a green, yellow, or red light. Look to the green lights, find the best potentials, and then get to work crafting!

When you get closer to an overall search amount that’s near zero, you can also maximize your website placement. It’s a lot easier to reach #1 on a search term when there are fewer searches and fewer competitors around.

You’ve got to be smart about how you research longtail keywords, however, because the wrong combination could get you high rankings… but very little in sales.


Why Do You Need to Research Longtail Keywords?

Content marketing is what drives an online business. It does three key things that no other form of internet marketing can at the same time.

  1. It creates an initial bond with your prospects because it communicates that you care about their needs.
  2. It shows your prospects that the product you have to offer them has some form of value that solves problems they have.
  3. It works with search engines to optimize your presence within several keyword categories.

It all boils down to expertise.

When you are considered one of the experts in your field of selling coffee, to use our example, then you will rank higher because the information you put into your content will be seen as valuable.

If you put more value into your content than your local competitors, then you’ll rank higher in local searches.

If you replicate that on a national or global level, then the same result occurs. You rank higher.

With Jaaxy, you can find the places where it makes sense to rank higher. You could dominate a search term listing that gets 100 searches per month for sure, but at a standard 2% conversion rate, you’ll get just 2 sales per month by doing so.

On the other hand, with proper optimization, you can get a 2% conversion rate on 4 longtail keywords related to your goods or services that each have 5,000 searches per month.

At 20,000 searches in total, that’s 400 total sales that can be achieved with standard conversion rates. Now that’s a lot of extra coffee that you can sell!


Your User Experience Is Also Part of the Experience?

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Having a focus on longtail keywords is good, but knowing how to earn money from a website also means designing a quality user experience.

A confused customer or an unhappy customer is a person who will soon choose NOT to be a customer!

That’s why brick and mortar stores tend to have a sales associate available to flash a friendly smile and ask if you need help.

That’s not something you can do online. What you can do, however, is create a website layout that allows your visitors to easily navigate from page to page.

They don’t have to search for links or your shopping cart or wonder about the legitimacy of your business. A good user experience lets a visitor quickly navigate through helpful links so they can find helpful information and end up completing the journey through your sales funnel.

One of the common mistakes that is made in regards to the user experience is this: there is none.

The website is instead designed so that it can ?look cool? or ?have amazing graphics? or ?be an ego booster.? Any time the focus is on your business of selling coffee or whatever it is that you do, the focus isn’t on the customer. That’s not conducive to a sale!

Design is also a common mistake. A poor design is easier to create than you might think!

That’s why having tools that accompany Jaaxy so that you have keyword recognition and a positive user experience is very important. That’s why you need a good website builder.


What Is the Best Free Website Builder??

The best website builders have lots of tools that you can use. The best free website builder provides those tools without a cost!

That’s a small, but vital difference. There are many free website builders on the internet today, but many of them limit the features that you can access until you pay a premium fee for them.

In other words, it says it is free, but it really isn’t free.

That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best tools to use with Jaaxy.

It’s particularly great for beginners who are just thinking about a work from home career.

You can get a taste of what it is like to build a website from scratch, do the research on your keywords, and then implement a marketing content plan that drives sales or conversions.

Best of all, it makes designing a quality user experience so you can dominate each keyword a simple, nearly automatic process.

For a $0 starter account, Wealthy Affiliate gives you two free websites that you can use for whatever your passions might be.

You can create and install a full website in a minute. You don’t need any coding experience, technical experience, or internet marketing experience to begin.

You just need the courage to start down a new journey.

With Jaaxy, you get the keyword research that you need to find real success.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can quickly build a website that creates an effective user experience.

When combined, you’ll know how to earn money with a website in the best way possible right now. Why not try these tools out today?


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