Plugins That Will Help You Build Your Email List Like a Pro

build your email list

Almost every experienced internet marketer will tell you that you should build your email list.

Your email list is one of the most valuable things you can have online.

Your YouTube account can be closed, your Facebook account can be closed as well, but your email list is always yours and can be your source of income for many years.

If you don?t know how to build your email list, then click here and learn more.

One of the best ways to build your list is to through your own blog.

If you run a blog and you already have some traffic on it, then you should start thinking about building your list of subscribers.

In this blog post I?d like to tell you about a few plugins that you can install on your blog and start building your list right away.

Thanks to these tools you can build quite a substantial list over time.

Doesn?t matter what niche you?re in: health, animals, fashion, etc. ? properly built and maintained email list - in any niche - may become your biggest asset.


1. Thrive Landing Pages - Best Landing Page Creator

I?ll start with Thrive Landing Pages because, in my opinion, it?s one of the best plugins out there for building landing pages thanks to which you will start collecting emails.

Thanks to the Thrive Landing Pages plugin you will either create your own landing page from scratch quickly or you will modify the existing landing page templates as you wish.

In order to create a landing page from scratch go to the navigation panel and click on Thrive Landing Pages.

how to build a landing page

Now choose a landing page, in this case it will be a Blank Page.

what is the best landing page builder

Next scroll down the page and click on Load Landing Page

fastest landing page builder

You will see a blank page that you will use to create your own landing page. It will look like this.

landing page creator

If you choose Thrive Template Cloud you?ll also be able to create your own landing page by clicking on Blank Full Width Page.

high converting landing pages
thrive content builder landing page

And if you don?t want to waste time on creating your own landing page, you can always choose one of the many existing landing page templates and edit it to suit your needs.

how to build your email list
best landing page templates

Now all you have to do is change the headline, change the image, colors and anything else you wish.

You have many templates to choose from so without a shadow of a doubt you?ll find something for yourself.

GetResponse - Autoresponder and Landing Page Builder

best autoresponder software

Another great tool thanks to which you?ll quickly build beautiful and high-converting landing pages is GetResponse.

Yes, GetResponse is an autoresponder (not a plugin), but it also allows you to build landing pages.

If you purchase a GetResponse account you will not only have a tool for colleting email addresses but also a tool for creating landing pages. It?s like killing two birds with one stone.

Isn?t it a great deal?

Thousands of people worldwide use GetResponse for creating landing pages because it?s easy and fast.

If you want to learn more about the GetResponse landing page creator, click here.


2. PopUp Domination - Best Pop-up Software For Your Website?

PopUp Domination is no longer a plugin which you need to install on your site in order for it to work.

PopUp Domination v3 have seized to work properly after one of the latest upgrades of WordPress platform and now we have PopUp Domination v4 web app.

popup domination

It is much more stable now and better converting than v3.

It has instant upgrades and premium customer support.

Although it?s not a plugin I decided to include it in this blog post because it?s definitely one of the best tools for building your list of subscribers.

Most people hate pop-ups, but they?re incredibly effective and that?s why they?re still being used by many top internet marketers.

popup domination wordpress

Once you create your account you will then go to the PopUp Domination dashboard and choose the pop-up that you like.

top 10 plugins for wordpress

Before you create a pop-up you need to add a domain name.

best domain name for my wordpress blog
best domain name registrar

Then you can click on Popups in the navigation menu and add a New PopUp.

best opt-in forms

After clicking on the New Popup button you will see a page with many different pop-ups to choose from.

best popup templates

Choose your domain name, type in campaign name, pick a pop-up template and continue to the next step.

best optin forms
popup domination web app

In Step 2 you will have to create a headline, add an image, choose a color etc.

In Step 3 you will have to specify your display settings such as: where to show your pop-up, when to show it, time span when pop-up will reappear etc.

best popup software for wordpress

In Step 4 you need to choose your mailing list provider.

best mailing list provider

First you will need to go to the Mailings tab and set it up.


[Personally I?m using GetResponse ? it?s affordable and easy to use]

In Step 5 you will grab your code and paste it in the right place on your website.


Like I already mentioned, PopUp Domination is one of the best tools for building an email list.

If you already have some traffic on your blog or website, once you start using PopUp Domination you should notice a significant increase in email opt-ins.

Why should you consider using PopUp Domination?

top popup software for wordpress


3. Thrive Leads ? one of the most powerful list building plugins for WordPress

If I had to choose just one plugin for WordPress that would help me build my list of subscribers then I would choose Thrive Leads.

I think it?s the most complete piece of software for lead generation.

Thanks to Thrive Leads you can create many different forms and display them on your site.

Best of all you can create them quickly and easily.

For example, this is what Popup Lightbox can look like:

thrive leads
best lead generation plugin

In Content form

These are the forms which you can place anywhere in your content (for example in the middle of it between paragraphs) or at the bottom of each blog post.

thrive leads opt in forms
build your list like a pro


This type of form appears at the top of the screen and remains visible as the visitor scrolls down the page.

best email marketing plugin
ways of building an email list

Screen Filler

It's a full screen call to action, perfect for building an email list.

best wordpress list building plugin
list building plugin for wordpress

Scroll Mat

The Scroll Mat allows you to turn any page into a full screen opt-in form that's displayed immediately on page load when a visitor arrives on your site. ? The Scroll Mat pushes your content down the page, this is what makes this opt-in form so effective: ?it's unignorable but without having the downside of some of the more "annoying" opt-in forms that cover up your content immediately!

Source: ThriveThemes

best wordpress plugin for list building
list building plugin wordpress

Slide In

This is the opt-in form that shows up in a corner of the screen as you scroll down the page.

best list building plugins
slide in opt in form


This is the sidebar opt-in form. It can be placed in any of your widget areas.

how to build my email list

Thrive Leads - adding new form

If you want to add a new opt-in form just click on the blue button.

best opt in form plugin for wordpress

Then just choose the opt-in form you would like to add.

good opt in forms

Next step: Add a form

best optin form designs

Create form

best optin form plugin
best email opt in forms

Form settings

best converting opt in forms

You can set when you want the form to display: on page load, after a certain period of time etc.

best opt in forms

Display frequency

best wordpress optin form plugin

Animation settings

best wordpress opt in form

Edit design

the best opt in forms

Choose a desired template

best pop up opt in form wordpress plugin

Then just edit it as you wish

best landing page form design

Thrive Leads Features

Customizable Forms

Conversion Focused Design


Advanced A/B Testing

Best-in-Business Reporting Suite

Exit Intent & SmartExit

Advanced Trigger Options

Precise Targeting


While PopUp Domination is the best web app for creating great popups and GetResponse and Thrive Landing Pages are great for building beautiful and high-converting landing pages, Thrive Leads is the top plugin for creating different opt-in forms on your blog or website that will let you build your mailing list faster than ever before.

best wordpress lead generation plugins

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