How to Make Money on Amazon KDP Without Writing

Making money on Amazon KDP is simple but not easy. Even with “no content” books, it requires real effort and some trial and error to start seeing profits. I don’t want to over-hype things here. The truth is you may spend quite a bit on freelancers, advertising, and outsourcing without success at first. It can … Read more

16 Jobs That Make a Difference in People’s Lives

check out these several jobs that make a difference

Jobs that make a difference are roles primarily in the public and non-profit sectors. These include healthcare professionals, educators, environmental conservationists, social workers, and humanitarian aid workers. These jobs focus on improving community well-being, advancing education, protecting the environment, and promoting social justice. Section Details Introduction Brief insight into jobs that make a positive impact … Read more

Make Money at Home with Your Computer: Step 6 ? How to Get Backlinks

how to make money at home with your computer

In Step 5 we talked about monetizing your blog, about lead magnets, opt-in boxes and email marketing. Today I?d like to focus a little bit on building backlinks. Some people say that content is king and backlinking is King Kong. Google pays a lot of attention to quality links coming to your site. Of course … Read more

How To Earn Money With a Website: Find the Money Keywords!

how to earn money with a website

Search engine optimization is a lot like a modern religion. There is one general outcome, which is a higher search ranking, but there are a lot of different, technical paths to get there. Some professionals prefer to use linking and quality anchors. Others like to focus on the directories and other free services. The one … Read more